We learn in Graybles 1000+ that it take place in the very far future which look like a bad dark future!

List of changes that did happened in the bad far future:

  • Some places has been Abandoned and Destroyed (Ice Kingdom and Candy Kingdom are destroyed and Finn & Jake's tree fort has been Adbandoned ect)
  • Almost all Characters Dies (Finn & Jake, Princess Bubblegum and ice king ect)
  • Earth has been invade aliens like it have a dark green sky

That all about it

Now one question: Will ever it have a good far future than it courpart (the bad far future) like all characters have new generation of family members and all the places did not Adbandoned or destroyed

and I guess the Graybles storys is set in a other timelines or maybe not

Now it your time to talk about it!