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  • I was born on May 21
  • My occupation is President of the UAOACC (Unofficial Aulstralian Organisation of Anti-Censorship for Cartoons.
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  • Soccerissocool11

    Please tell me someones agreeing with me... There is too much My Little Pony on this wiki! More then half of the new pictures are my little pony. While I am not a fan of the show, I'm ok with people who like it but seriously, my little pony has their own wiki!!!

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  • Soccerissocool11

    Bye Everyone!

    June 10, 2012 by Soccerissocool11

    As summer approches fast, theres only three things on my mind. Beach, boyfriend, and gettin a tan. that is why, i ahve decided to leave this wiki for awhile. i never thought tht this wiki could get so adducting but, it really did. to all my friends sparda marcaline finn and jake 12345 and every one else tht i know, i will miss the fun times on chat with you. ill still check back when i can, which wont be alot... i

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  • Soccerissocool11

    So I don't know about you, but the new episode return to the nightospere was pretty good. I mean i really liked it. It was really funny and marcelines daddy seems nice now. But anywway, one thing is for shure, i will never eat another banana again.

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  • Soccerissocool11

    Well, I guess its official. I am the new Harbinger of Freedom. For those of you who dont know what that is, it means that I am the new leader of the UAOACC (Unofficial Aulstralian Organisation of Censorship for Cartoons) Many of you on this wiki are in the club and if not, have heard about. If you have heard about it, you have probably heard about the former leader jerryjackson42 and the extensive fighting between several members on the Amazing World of Gumball wiki. Yesterday, April 21st 2012, Jerry sent me this message

    We have lost. Pricerocks has won. Which is why I am leaving you in command. You are now the Harbinger of Freedom. Avenge my downfall. We all know that Price is going to come with an army. Gather the remainder of our forces …

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  • Soccerissocool11


    April 16, 2012 by Soccerissocool11

    Yayyyy!!! I'm really excited for the new Adventure Time show to come on tonight. From what Iv'e seen in the previews, finns gonna have long nails, there is going to be extreme stunting and, finn and jake get stuck in a huge spider web. Sounds awesome. :)

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