Creepy Guy

In my opion, Five Short Graybles sucked. It was just really random and totally weird. Shure i didn't totally hate the episode but, I also didn't totally like it. Ayway, it had it's ups and downs. Jake and Lsp were very funny so that made the episode good. Remeber back when, when you were really little sitting in frount of the tv screaming because of the Barney show... Well, that was me, and that creepy guy in the beggining and end really reminded me of Barney. By the way, why were they trying to make us learn something? All in all, five short graybles was just simple weird and not my favorite episodes. What did you think??? Ps: why was pb trying to make the most perfect sandwhich in the world??? so totally weird... whtever i just hope next weeks episode will be much better.