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  • Sofia Grace

    This is not a joke, but a reality, among every group of children, there exists such an unnaturally personality, whose has a brain equivalent to Newton or Einstein. Travelling deep into the reasons it would be acknowledged very easily that these were the children who had been subjected to various Dora games since their babyhood.

    In terms of advantages which these games cast upon the minds, the parents undergoing such practices can easily forecast their kids as a super human of its kind.

    For instance theses activities help the mind to attain the peak of perfection in the matter of intelligence. Such healthy activities arose the concepts regarding different things in use daily, such as by solving the puzzles online, increases the thinking power…

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  • Sofia Grace

    I created an Adventure for myself, on the day, when once I was left home alone.  In this regard, I am especially thankful to the creators of Dora the Explorer Games, his Excellencies Mr. Chris Gifford, Mr. Valerie Walsh, and Mr. Eric Weiner (see.

    That day as I cannot forget was meant to be nothing less than a torture cell had the merciful Dora not come to my rescue.  Although I don’t remember the exact date, but the memory of the day never skips my mind when my parents had abandoned me for the entire day. It was a Sunday, when my parents suddenly announced that they have devolved into a plan against me. The moment never evacuates my mind, when I was confirmed that they weren’t going to any ho…

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