I created an Adventure for myself, on the day, when once I was left home alone.  In this regard, I am especially thankful to the creators of Dora the Explorer Games, his Excellencies Mr. Chris Gifford, Mr. Valerie Walsh, and Mr. Eric Weiner (see.

That day as I cannot forget was meant to be nothing less than a torture cell had the merciful Dora not come to my rescue.  Although I don’t remember the exact date, but the memory of the day never skips my mind when my parents had abandoned me for the entire day. It was a Sunday, when my parents suddenly announced that they have devolved into a plan against me. The moment never evacuates my mind, when I was confirmed that they weren’t going to any hospital to purchase a sister or brother for me but they were going to the Cinema.

“What Are you guys going for a Movie?” Although my parents never provided me with any hint where were they up to, but I had seen the movie tickets in their hands, much similar to the ones I have been noticing while playing the different Dora adventure games online.

My parents never lied to me, since they were never trained to be such, and on that day too they had not provided me with any answer, the only voice which echoed in my mind and continue to do so till the present time is

"We both are going somewhere and would be back soon, While you should take care of the house, making it sure that’s its locked for good when we are gone."

The first half hour after their departure was not less than a Nightmare for me. I was imprisoned in my own home. To my luck, the next thinking which came into my mind was the Computer. Since my father had always kept himself busy in playing the different 3D car games, he had never allowed me to testify my desire.

In such present time, with my father and mother both off, I had the computer under my command. Yes, I spent the entire day with Dora. Oh! What a company, together we have on the day when I was left home alone.