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This is not a joke, but a reality, among every group of children, there exists such an unnaturally personality, whose has a brain equivalent to Newton or Einstein. Travelling deep into the reasons it would be acknowledged very easily that these were the children who had been subjected to various Dora games since their babyhood.

In terms of advantages which these games cast upon the minds, the parents undergoing such practices can easily forecast their kids as a super human of its kind.


For instance theses activities help the mind to attain the peak of perfection in the matter of intelligence. Such healthy activities arose the concepts regarding different things in use daily, such as by solving the puzzles online, increases the thinking power of an individual, as well as provided the victim with an ultimate gala of entertainment, hence never allowing getting bored or even tired. In contrast the exercises other than Dora puzzle games carry the rough, bizarre, and awful practices ever failing to win the young hearts.

Cooking from the girl’s point of view has always been the world’s worst job. For providing them the training, leave the job to the mothers, and the end result would be burnt curries, irregular chapattis, sweet lies and un-matured cake, and think of every spoiled a dish on the planet earth.

What parents do not realize is that nothing can be learned without the involvement of one’s interest and the heart. The persuasion would only yield deviation and negligence.  Still, I know lots of young girls who have mastered the art of cooking; searching through their past life I am finding the various cooking games such as cooking games Dora cooking games the main reason for their supremacy.

Let alone not be the boys which make up an extra number of the world population. Source: (The sex ratio for the entire world population is 101 males to 100 females)

Although there are numerous examples in which the superiority of specific groups of boys above others can be proved, taking only one amongst such example is the competition in the World of Sports cars.



As we all know that only one amongst the dozens of competitors is able to win the cup, the prime reason behind his success is no doubt the field practices but magnifying his past would reveal yet another reason such as Car games.

So are you prepared to rule over the Entire World? Why you should be the only one lacking behind? If others can do it, then why can’t you?

Yes, I can also Do it, better than them.


Its not just a Content, It's beyond, its worth to be implemented.