(I would like to say, sorry for my extended absence. I will be here more often.)

All faiths begin with one redementary set point in time in which a great or religious experience or event occurs. For some, this can be the coming of a prophet. For others, it can come as the realization of a powerful truth. For others still, it can be a cartoon playing every Monday.

The Grand Church of Ooo is a religion based around, you guessed it, Adventure Time. It is a growing movement that you haven't heard of because it basically just began in the suburbs of Chicago with a bunch of middle-class teenagers. Why? BECAUSE ADVENTURE TIME IS BRILLIANT. Not just brilliant, it is an epic experience that will live on forever as a cult classic. All cult classics need people obssesively following their guidance, and thus the Grand Church of Ooo was born!

I am Sombar1, one of the founders and acting chiefs of the faith, and thus I am a man of great influence and authority within the order. I also love this show with so much passion that I make the priests of the Vatican look like an atheist hermit who was raised by wolves. On top of this, I've watched every episode, at the very least, three-to-five times, and so I call myself an expert. Thus, I've decided to write a series of blogs detailing the utter most complexity and perfection that is this religion. Enjoy.