Adventure with a Explorer is a FANON episode made by Sorryforpartyrocking, and from Season 8 of Adventure time, the episode is a crossover from a show from Nick Jr Dora The Explorer and half a crossover with Go Diego Go! due to Diego appearing in it, Nickelodeon approved this (Not really in real life)
Adventure Time and Dora The Explorer Crossover

Finn and Jake meeting the Duo


Finn and Jake meets two persons called Dora and Boots and become friends, however, Swiper The Fox is teaching the Ice King how to steal princesses


Major Characters

  • Dora
  • Boots

Minor Characters

  • Tico The Squirrel
  • Benny The Bull
  • Isa The Iguana
  • The Grumpy Old Troll
  • The Big Red Chicken
  • Swiper The Fox
  • The Fiesta Trio
  • Diego
  • Backpack
  • Map


  • Papi
  • Mami
  • Abuela


[At The Table where Finn, Jake and BMO are breakfasting]

Finn: Man! Another day!

Jake: Sure it is Finn! Let's wait for any adventure!

BMO: Can i come this time?

Finn: We'll, sure you can BMO!

Finn: Hey Jake! You know what is more interesting in a teamwork?

Jake: We'll?

Finn: A gang! We should go with them on a adventure!

Jake: Come on! Let's go outside

[Finn and Jake goes outside, but they see a girl and animals]

Jake: Woah! Look at all that Animals!

Finn: HEY GUYS! I never knew you we're here!

Dora: Vamonos! Ola! Soy Dora!

Jake: That girl speaks spanish!

Finn: Ola! Soy Finn La Humano! ¿Cómo llegan en absoluto que los animales?

Dora: Finn! I speak English! And what's that doggie named?

Jake: Jake is my name!

Dora: We'll! I am going to tell you something with myself!

Dora: I am from Rainforest! Where i live with my Papi and Mami! We'll! Abuela lives there too! But in another casa! I also have animals as my amigos! Everybody Introduce yourself!

Boots: I'm Boots The Monkey! Dora's Best Friend!

Tico: Soy Tico la ardilla! Soy una ardilla que sólo habla español! Puedo hablar Inglés un poco!

Benny: I'm Benny The Bull! I like to play with my friends!

Isa: I'm Isa The Iguana! I also explore, just like Dora!

The Grumpy Old Troll: I'm the Grumpy Old Troll! Who lives under a blue bridge! Nobody can cross it unless they solve my riddle!

The Big Red Chicken: I'm The Big Red Chicken! A Chicken who is big as a casa!

[Dora turns around]

Backpack: I'm backpack! Anything what Dora needs i got inside for her!

Map: And i am the Map! Who helps Dora on the right direction!

BMO: Nice to meet you all! I am BMO! A Robot!

More Coming Soon!