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  • Spartan--112

    Having just seen the episode, I think I'll give my two cents about it here.

    First off, the majority of the episode was above standard AT fare. It centered around PB and Lady, a series first, and showcased them fighting. Very nice add-ons for the series. Ricardio and George Takei came back, and he even said the classic "Oh My..." line that George says (hilarious!). But I do think that what PB did to Ricardio was a bit cruel yet rather just-she basically broke Ricardio at the end, (saying that a talking heart as heartbroken seems a little weird), and also the fact that we got to see the effects of Xanoits in the series (last mentioned in Ricardio, the Heart Guy).

    Ramblings aside, I'll point out some concrete moments in the episode. The conversat…

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  • Spartan--112

    My fellow wikians, a number of things has rattled our (so to speak) once-peaceful wiki. There are many of us that are gone or in the process of being so; type is in caps, and the tone conveyed by our posts are that of anger...confused anger.

    I have noticed that you are all pitting your angers on one user...User:Brandon Rhea, Wikia Staff Member. It appears to me that the majority, if not all of you, are treating him like a disgruntled, average citizen would to a police officer: with warming tempers, barraging him with questions that seek answers, and little respect. A few on this site want him to revert his edits, but he won't. They stay dogmatic. He persists and ends the discussions because they are going to lead to no winner.

    On May 23, Bra…

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  • Spartan--112

    If you are new, read these two first:



    Author's Note: The final part! For those reading, I hope you've been waiting, for that will make me more than happy in posting this!

    LINK TO THE SONG OF INSPIRATION, Archangel by the godly Two Steps from Hell:

    (This part is corresponding to when the female voice kicks in and all hell coalesces into a ball of pure of epic.)

    In that click, Chyrsaor and Malchion first charged at each with deadly speed. When the two titans came within an inch’s distance from each other, they threw up their swords in offense of each other. A brilliant white flash of swif…

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  • Spartan--112

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just for continuity's sake, I am posting the second and final chapter here. Not many readers for the first chapter LINK HERE, but it's done, and I don't see why I shouldn't post.

    Also, I realize that there was way too much text for the post with the first chapter, so I am divvying this second chapter up into two or three pieces.

    If you haven't read the first chapter, click here. Then read this after you've aged by two years reading the first chapter. (:P) Oh, and this is a first draft, of sorts; tell me of any grammar problems, if you see them!


    As the Rank II ArchAngel approached Chrysaor, the latter noticed that the former moved with a certain…deliberation, as if he carried some heavy burden. When he entered the Dome, hi…

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  • Spartan--112

    I created this short story in inspiration of an epic song dubbed "Archangel", created by the movie trailer music production company, Two Steps From Hell. I suggest you taken a listen to it before reading this, but be wary that the story parallels with the song only up to around the halfway point for this first chapter.

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: This isn't the whole thing!

    Glorious light shone throughout the gleaming Citadel.

    Eternally overlooking this utopia was the group of judicial superbeings known as “The ArchAngels”, who protected the leader and creator of the Citadel, Chancellor Mayor Rah’Ksun, since the Citadel’s conception.

    Yet despite its title as a utopia, something sinister lay fallow within the luminous Citadel, as it always has been since it…

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