Having just seen the episode, I think I'll give my two cents about it here.


First off, the majority of the episode was above standard AT fare. It centered around PB and Lady, a series first, and showcased them fighting. Very nice add-ons for the series. Ricardio and George Takei came back, and he even said the classic "Oh My..." line that George says (hilarious!). But I do think that what PB did to Ricardio was a bit cruel yet rather just-she basically broke Ricardio at the end, (saying that a talking heart as heartbroken seems a little weird), and also the fact that we got to see the effects of Xanoits in the series (last mentioned in Ricardio, the Heart Guy).

Ramblings aside, I'll point out some concrete moments in the episode. The conversations that Lady had with PB, while totally unintelligible for the non-Korean-speaking users, seemed weighted with tension and burden and fear; these culminations resulted in the twist-ending of the episode...which I won't reveal here.

The fight scenes were pretty great, and culminated in PB beating the snot out of Ricardio in single combat. I guess PB has some moves that we may see down the road, if things get as hairy as they did in this episode.

Xanoits make a return. Yes, those things from the first episode that premiered Ricardio. I don't even remember what they are or do, except for the fact that they are poisonous or some biz.

The various dungeons that PB and Lady went through were...weird. There was even a flipping huge tongue in the ventilation shaft! Weird!

The most interesting part of this episode was the new body Ricardio made for himself out of Ice King's internal organs, which was very much out of whack. At least, it seemed so to me, seeing that I accidentally saw a leaked picture of the climax of the episode. (-.-') It was great to see PB and Lady fight as fellows, and PB take down Ricardio. The ending I liked, for it showed how much she cared for others and her strong sense of what is just. She even created a new heart for the Ice King (which no longer makes the lub-dub sound but instead sounds the maraca in his heart), which means this may not be the last we see of Ricardio! (dun dun dun.) I did say that this episode might involve the closure of the borken romance between PB and Finn in this blog post. I was wrong again, but on-point with the romance part: Ricardio and PB, and Lady and Jake (more adult-themed romantic implications here. :3)

Overall grade: 8.5/10 (Twist ending was too unexpected due to the fact that most viewers like myself don't even speak Korean. Translations please!)