Just a bit of review of the episode Paper Pete:

The whole episode has two plots: the "war" between the Pagelings and the Moldari, and Finn attempting to prove to Jake that the aforementioned belligerents are real.

Okay, the war was more of a sub-plot compared to what Finn was doing. It was kind of cool that Pete made a couple of Greek mythology references and that the Pagelings can transform; it was kind of ridiculous how thick the Rainicornicopia was.

The story was okay; I thought the thing between the Pagelings and Moldari was cute, seeing that the two factions seemed to be taking the whole thing so. darn. seriously. It seemed like the part where Jake was suffering from the stolen Moldari and Finn's response was something I had seen before, what with the fallacious interpretation of what a book's use was on part of Finn, but he is kinda dumb anyway, and was probably reacting in that particular situation as opposed to thinking.

It wasn't the best episode. Nor was it the worst. I can certainly catalogue this as one of the AT episodes I would like to see again for clarity's sake.

This probably wasn't a review, more like an opinionated rant of things from the episode. Then again, I AM kind of tired. So...

Meh. If I had to, on a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give this episode a 6.