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Chapter 2

Part 1

As the Rank II ArchAngel approached Chrysaor, the latter noticed that the former moved with a certain…deliberation, as if he carried some heavy burden. When he entered the Dome, his pale, cherub face was angled almost menacingly with his shoulders slightly hunched, his arm in motion—bringing the Great Lance Sword in plain view.

Suddenly the young, naïve face of the Rank I vanished, the white on his wings were thrown into the air, his arms became outstretched, as if he were about to be crucified—

“I am here,” Malchion replied, standing in front of Chrysaor, arms extended, with wings awash with black, and beholding a visage of menace.

Green eyes widened, Chrysaor raised his blade in offense—

The Great Lance Sword came crashing down onto the blade of Chyrsaor’s sword staff. Chrysaor dived to his left, and cast a strong light bolt in Malchion’s direction.

Malchion evaded and cleaved the bolt in two without effort. As he cut it, Chrysaor came charging, blade’s tip aimed at its target. Malchion deflected Chrysaor’s charge, who then executed a lateral slash, which was then countered by the flat of the Great Lance Sword.

They soon fell into a repetitious battle pattern: Slash!-Parry!-Slash!-Diving Sweep!-Evade!-Cleave!-Parry!-Stab!-Parry!—the two warriors swung, sparks of plasma flying expansively as they moved closer and closer to the center of the Dome.

Suddenly an explosive blast of plasma-on-plasma flung both opponents toward opposite sides of the Dome. As they were thrown through the air, Chrysaor and Malchion bent over and gripped the ground before skidding to a halt just before the points of the spears held by the statues on the circumference of the Dome.

Malchion then floated into the air, onyx wings flapping. He said, “Brother, why do we fight on tiled dirt?” He gestured to the Seraph Lord and said, “Come, let us spar in our dominion—“, he soared to high to the cupola, near the oculus, “—the sky”.

In less than a partition click, Malchion disappeared through the oculus with Chrysaor in tow.

Five hundred feet above the Dome, the two warriors faced each other at the same distance. For a moment, the battle below them was muted by the very intensity that emanated throughout the air around them, laced with nine star years’ worth of enmity and fury. The ArchAngels and Malchionites below, in that same moment, ceased their fight, ephemerally taken over by the ferocity in the air that would not stand to be ignored. The fight halted for a star year partition click before resuming.

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