A few days ago I posted the following poem in a rather debilitated state of mind on a deviantart page. I'm posting it here just because I want to know what you guys think of it. (lol-i-know-how-lame-and-mushy-this-is).

Of Incendium

“On the day before the day of love

things change”

Like the sudden winds from above

Finn is suddenly estranged.

What will become

of the spark between Finn and Bubblegum?

Will it be "ashes to ashes"

and "dust to dust"

as their fire will be set awash

and left to rust?

What will happen?

For now, speculate, we may.

Yet it would now be futile to set this astray.

We cannot “create our own Adventure Time”

We must let the creators write their own rhymes.

Yet the question remains:

Will another light Finn’s heart?

Will it only take one glance?

One spark

For his fire?

You are free to comment/flame at will.