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    The great mushroom war

    November 3, 2012 by StriderSwag

    So i've heard alot of talk about the 'The Great Mushroom war' but my theory is way different.

    I've heard alot of talk about susan strong being Finn's mom, this could not at all be possible because in the new episode Finn's mother does not look anything like Susan, for one thing Susan has a strong upper body while Finn's mother looks like a normal woman. Plus Susan wears a cat hat, as Finn's mother does not. Many people think when Susan said "No gills" that it meant she thought he was like her. But she meant that she thought humans had gills (For living in the dark for so long) she had no memory of human trace, so she couldn't know if she really was Finn's mother.

    Just here's the real question: Who truely is Finn's mom and dad Ice king? Bonniā€¦

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