So i've heard alot of talk about the 'The Great Mushroom war' but my theory is way different.

I've heard alot of talk about susan strong being Finn's mom, this could not at all be possible because in the new episode Finn's mother does not look anything like Susan, for one thing Susan has a strong upper body while Finn's mother looks like a normal woman. Plus Susan wears a cat hat, as Finn's mother does not. Many people think when Susan said "No gills" that it meant she thought he was like her. But she meant that she thought humans had gills (For living in the dark for so long) she had no memory of human trace, so she couldn't know if she really was Finn's mother.

Just here's the real question: Who truely is Finn's mom and dad Ice king? Bonnie bell bubble gum? Susan strong? no one really knows because there has been no trace until now. We will not find out who Finn's REAL mom is until Novemeber 12th.

Also in the new episode when Finn wishes the Lich never ever ever existed (and on a totally unrelated note Jake wishes for a sandwhich) and when he did so he was soon playing the flute on what looked like a farm. He had a robotic arm, Jake (his beloved pal) was just a normal dog who never spoke a word. All the magic from the land of Ooo was not made. All the princesses were never made. It was just a normal place, no magic, no rainicorns,no mushroom war. Now you might be wondering about how Finn's (Most likely) the last human alive. Well when the Mushroom war DID happen the explosion from the nuc must have spread. mutating all the humans, but surpisingly not Finn. Susan, and the fish people, and Marci were humans, but marci was born a vampire so Hunson was mostly bitten during the war. The nuc must have affected the water, and when the human/fish people drank that water they were mutated into fish people, but Susan and the other fish people were humans who became mutated. Marci and Hunson are vampires but Hunson must have been bitten during the war, because as we know Vampires are not real. The candy people and Princess Bonniebell Bubblegum are mutants, they were mutated into candy people or junk food people. Princess Bubblegum must have been a young scienctist who was calming her self with bubblegum and had been mutated. As you noticed in the episode when Finn put the glasses on you could see the earth, 1/4 of the earth was ripped off, many think it's from the Mushroom war or that a meteor crashed into it and made a big hole, in most episodes you can see the earth and the ripped up chunk. Also in "I remember you" there was a picture of the earth and a meteor heading toward it. The only trace of humans was where Simon lived. The crown he had put on was raidoactive and turned him into some monster snow thing. He has no memory of anything after he put on the crown, he steals princesses because of his engaged Betty who left him, and later on died. So because of his loss he steals princesses, because he had once said when Betty left him "Oh Betty my princess I miss you so much" so he relates the princesses to Betty. After the Mushroom war the ice king and Marci are seen in a broken city or bomb shelter, when he gives her the teddy. This tells us that Ice king Marci and Hunson are the remaining survivurs of the mushroom war. Since Marci was most likely a baby during the mushroom war she would have no memory of it, and since the Ice king went bananas after wards he had no memory after he put on the crown, only remember his name and his princess Betty. Also Doctor Princess has almost the same look as Betty. As she said "I'm not really a princess" it may be possible Betty also got mutated. As she puts princess in her name it may be because ice king calling her his princess. Betty was seen wearing a lab coat, glasses, and haveing brown hair. So it's possible that Doctor Princess is Betty, Iceking's lost love. As you see where ice king used to live in his journal logs it starts to snow there, it covers all the houses, so the ice kingdom may have been made by ice king. So if the Lich didn't exist then Simon and Betty would have been married already. but possiblely in the next episode Betty could be Finn's mother, because she was very young at that time. and Finn's birth was years after the mushroom war. But i am not sure about my info so we can just wait and see who Finn's real parents are, and maybe it will just shock you.

Please leave your thoughts!!