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    1. When someone remarks that you're at the unpopularity chain and your response is "The bottom of the popularity chain is awesome! It has spikes!"
    2. When your friend announces they are gay, bi, or lesbian and you say either "Cool!" or "Me too!"
    3. When you laugh too loud and get a weird look, but that just makes you laugh harder.
    4. When you see someone wearing too much makeup, and you have to resist the urge to try to peel their face off.
    5. When you spend all the time you're not watching your favorite show imagining what should have happened on your favorite show.
    6. When your coat pocket contains your DS, 2-4 mechanical pencils, mechanical pencil lead that's the wrong size for your pencils, earbuds that cost a dollar plus the cost of the electrical tape used…
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    So yeah, most of you people have noticed I haven't been on (or not. Who am I, the queen of popularity?) So I feel I've got some explaining to do. Chronologial reason list, go!

    1. ? I discovered deviantART.
    2. I got a new Harvest Moon DS game.
    3. It was my birthday (October 19th)
    4. I got yet another Harvest Moon DS game.
    5. I discovered Pokefarm.
    6. (this one's the kicker) I fell of of a large three-wheeled scooter. While going down a hill. At a high speed. Down a country road that hasn't been re-paved in forever. So, I kind of fell, hit my head, shattered my dad's bike helmet, and scraped my entire right side across a road that is mostly gravel. So, on a completly unrelated note, did you know emergency room doctors can literally glue people's faces together?


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    Roleplay Blog!!

    October 18, 2012 by Sumersprkl

    So, I got really bored and wanted to roleplay or something, but there was (suprise, suprise) no one in the Adventure Time Video Network Wiki chat, so the logical solution was to make a blog! Roleplaying in the comments of a meaningless blog anyone?? You can choose to be a character from Adventure Time as long as it's not taken, or an original character (in my case, Kitten Princess So, if you want to talk out of character, you have to put )) after it so we know you're talking as you. I don't really expect to get any comments on this, but I will roleplay with anyone who wants to!

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    Okay, so I'm kind of tired of arguing strictly for my ships (Bubbline, Finname Princess, Fiolee) so I'm writing the pros and cons of all of them. If I forget a ship, or if you have a good pro or con I haven't thought of, just leave a comment.

    Pros: It would be monumental for a kid's cartoon to show a lesbian couple, it would make both Princess Bubblegum and Marceline happy if Finn ended up with Flame Princess, two words: opposites attract

    Cons: The fact they are a lesbian couple would shock quite a few people and Adventure Time may lose some viewers, they seem to dislike each other, they have almost nothing in common

    Pros: This was the original Adventure Time couple, Princess Bubblegum has known Finn the longest

    Cons: The age difference, the f…

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    I'm just wondering what the series will be like with half-rainicorn puppsters for Jake to take care of. Will it become less epic, or will we see other charecters more, or will the pups come on adventures with them or what? It just doesn't seem like it could possibly be Adventure Time with Finn and Jake anymore, more like Adventure Time with Finn, and the other main charecter who is hardly shown anymore because he has to take care of his kids.

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