I know no one cares about my origanal carecters, but no one in my family really likes Adventure Time, so this is the only place I have to share them. (UPDATE: My mom read this blog and said it wasn't fair to say no one in my family really likes Adventure Time. They just don't like it as much as the people on the wiki.) I made the pictures of Natalie from a modelsheet of Princess Bubblegum's glamor outfit. If you're wondering how I turned that into this, well, I made her formal outfit first. Then I made Fern from Princess Bubblegum when she was thirteen. (Again, made the formal outfit first.)

Nature Princess (Natalie)

755px-Modelsheet princessbubblegum inglamouroutfit

Natalie's Apperance

Nataile is a humanoid with tan skin and brown hair. She wears a pink towel skirt and a blue top with blue flip-flops. She wears a ranbow headband instead of a crown.

Natalie's Personality

She is very laid-back, exept when it comes to protecting her people. Whenever her people are threatened, especally her "baby" sister Fern, she becomes enraged very quickly.

Natalie's Relationship with her Sister

Nataile is extremley overprotective of Fern, and this frustrates her. Fern feels tired of being treated like a baby, and feels she needs to prove herself to her older sister.

Natalie's Relationship with her People

Natalie is very comitted to her people and the task of keeping them safe.

Natalie's Formal Outfit

755px-Modelsheet princessbubblegum inglamouroutfit - Copy

Natalie's formal outfit is borrowed from her close friend Princess Bubblegum. (Meaning I just edited Nat's face on a pic of PB.)


Modelsheet youngprincessbubblegum - Copy

Fern's Apperance

Fern is a 13-year-old humanoid. She wears a blue top with puff sleves and a purple combination mini/hoop skirt. She refuses to wear shoes, and like her sister, wears a rainbow headband instead of a crown.

Fern's Personality

Fern is usualy trying to do something for her sister to prove she is mature. She is very grown-up, but her sister refuses to see anything but the little baby she remembers.

Fern's Relationship with her Sister

See "Natalie's Relationship with her Sister"

Fern's Relationship with her People

Fern is an instant friend with anyone who tries to help her prove herself to her sister. Most of the resedents of the Nature Kingdom help her grudgingly, but no one but Natalie can say no to her because she looks exactly like a young version of her late mother.

Fern's Formal Outfit

Fern's formal outfit

Natalie's formal outfit is one of her favorite tops and one of her longer skirts tied with a sash to look like a dress.