I copied and pasted this from my blog on my Bentleykitty account.

I don't have a problem with any Adventure Time carecters exept maybe Ash, but I just came up with these and I thought they were funny. Feel free to add ones you think of in the comments!

Dear Finn,

Can't you just like someone who likes you back and isn't the temprature of a stove?

Dear Flame Princess,

You really thought he was a water elemental? What does that even mean?

Dear Flambo,

Can't you use your flame sheild magic to help out a friend and the princess of your kingdom?

Dear Gunter,

So are you evil or not?

Dear Peppermint Butler,

Same as Gunter. And are you ever going to get around to eating Finn and Jake's flesh?

Dear Lemongrab,

Seriously, dude. Just chill.

Dear Lemon Horse,

How do you stand Lemongrab sitting on you all day?

Dear Ice King,

No girl is going to like you if you kidnap them. Just chill and try to ask them out like a normal person.

Dear Susan,

Are you human or not?

Dear Cute King,

You have control of an ice wizard who also happens to be a king, and the first thing you command him to do is make a sandwich for you?

Dear Clown Nurses,

You are all seriously creepy.

Dear Rump People,

How were the people you threw under the bridge any freakier than you?

Dear Beemo,

We know what you do when you're alone, and frankly, we're freaked out.

Dear Ice King,

You gender-swapped your entire fan fiction just so the main carecter could be in love with you?

Dear Grand Master Wizard,

You were too busy playing with a kitten to notice the Ice King cheating throughout all of wizard battle?

Dear Lumpy Space Princess,

I don't know where to start.

Dear Ash,

Dude, you sold your girlfriend's most prized possion to a witch. She doesn't like you anymore. get over it.

Dear Marceline,

Your dad ate your fries, and you were so emotinally scarred you cut off contact from him, but when he tried to turn you into a chaotic force of unstoppable evil, everything was forgiven?

Dear Ghost Princess,

You found out Clarence murdered you, but in seconds you not only forgave him, you asked him to go with you to the 50th Dead World, and kissed him.

Dear Candy Doctors:

If there wasn't enough candy to remake PB, why did you give her hair? Wouldn't it be better to have her be older and bald?