So yeah, most of you people have noticed I haven't been on (or not. Who am I, the queen of popularity?) So I feel I've got some explaining to do. Chronologial reason list, go!

  1. ? I discovered deviantART.
  2. I got a new Harvest Moon DS game.
  3. It was my birthday (October 19th)
  4. I got yet another Harvest Moon DS game.
  5. I discovered Pokefarm.
  6. (this one's the kicker) I fell of of a large three-wheeled scooter. While going down a hill. At a high speed. Down a country road that hasn't been re-paved in forever. So, I kind of fell, hit my head, shattered my dad's bike helmet, and scraped my entire right side across a road that is mostly gravel. So, on a completly unrelated note, did you know emergency room doctors can literally glue people's faces together?

Well, that was where I've been for the past... forever. So, what's new with you people?