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List of Times Princess Bubblegum has been Saved by Finn

If you have one not written in here, write it in the comments. I now feel compelled to add that I will NOT tolerate CUSSING on this or ANY of my posts.

  1. 1. The first candy zombie outbreak
  1. 2. The second candy zombie outbreak
  1. 3. When her tower collapsed after being hit by Cinnamon Bun
  2. 4. When the Ice King captures her the 1st time
  3. 5. When the Ice King captures her the 2nd time
  4. 6. When Ricardio tries to cut out her heart and "Make out with it"
  5. 7. When the Litch (How do you spell that?) takes over her body
  6. 8. The Freak Deer incedent
  7. 9. The Wizard Battle episode (Does that count?)

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