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Pros and Cons of Each Shipping Pair

Sumersprkl September 22, 2012 User blog:Sumersprkl


Okay, so I'm kind of tired of arguing strictly for my ships (Bubbline, Finname Princess, Fiolee) so I'm writing the pros and cons of all of them. If I forget a ship, or if you have a good pro or con I haven't thought of, just leave a comment.


Pros: It would be monumental for a kid's cartoon to show a lesbian couple, it would make both Princess Bubblegum and Marceline happy if Finn ended up with Flame Princess, two words: opposites attract

Cons: The fact they are a lesbian couple would shock quite a few people and Adventure Time may lose some viewers, they seem to dislike each other, they have almost nothing in common


Pros: This was the original Adventure Time couple, Princess Bubblegum has known Finn the longest

Cons: The age difference, the fact Finn is currently dating Flame Princess


Pros: Finn and Marceline have similar interests and personalities

Cons: Finn would eventually overtake Marceline in age, both have already addressed calmly and truthfully that they don't like each other, Finn is currently dating Flame Princess

Finname Princess

Pros: Finn and Flame Princess are currently dating, Finn and Flame Princess are the same age

Cons: Flame Princess has been addressed as evil calmly and truthfully by her own father, Flame Princess has a hot temper

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