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Sugar is like catnip for humans.

Do animal crackers have noses?

Does the world matter?

Why do people hardly ever go on Poptropica? Everyone remembers it from when they were little, but it's still going!

Is there an acual Land of Ooo in a different dimension?

One problem with ADHD: I probably won't remember today when I wake up tomorrow.

What is the opposite of sweet? Sour, or bitter?

Today at lunch, a guy walked up to me and my friends' table and said "You look like the kind of people who would have a Sharpie." I immediatly unzipped the front pocket of my binder and handed him a blue Sharpie. My friends laughed at this, but I really don't get what was so funny about it...

I just found out that Pen Ward cusses, so there's just one thing I have to say: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone hates my origanal carecters. Jerks.

If only the world made sense. Oh, wait... That would be totally boring!!

I found these pictures... They're so cute!! It doesn't matter what ship they show or anything they're so cute!! Kudos to whoever made them. Wish I could do what you can.