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  • Supaepicnyancat

    Song in a deep manly Finn voice Based on a song on Youtube

    Hey princess, I got something important to give you, So take a seat and listen

    Oh, we've been best friends...for quite a while! (quite a while!)

    And now I'm ready, to get you a gift, that's super fi-ine!

    Oh, you know its your birthday, and my heart is open wiiide!!!

    Gonna get you something, so you know what you can eat! (Gives present)

    A gift so special, so open it wiiiide!

    Take a look inside!

    Not gonna give you my mighty sword!

    That kinda stuff is kinda sore!

    Not gonna give a fancy card!

    Girl you know you're like my car!

    Not gonna take you to an awesome beach,

    Girl you know my money's steep!

    Wanna get you something that's epic,

    Something epic princess,


    See I'm smart enough to know, when …

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  • Supaepicnyancat

    Here's a couple demotivotional posters

    More to come soon...

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