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  • SuperMKerwan

    Flame Princess vs. Ice King episode is Forst & Fire

    Magic Man returns in the episode Time Sandwich and time traveling in involved too!


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  • SuperMKerwan

    Now we all know that Adventure Time is getting it's first one hour special, probably as a Season 5 Finale. What will the plot of the one hour special be? Explaining about Finn's origin.. what happened to Finn's parents, how did the Lich get sealed in, what are the origins behind the land of ooo? Discuss.

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  • SuperMKerwan

    I gonna be honest Season 5 doesn't look too promising but there are the good episodes and there are bad ones

    Best Episodes s5 so far:

    1. Finn the Human & Jake the Dad
    2.  Jake the Dad
    3.  Mystery Dungon

    Worst Episodes s5 so far:

    1.  Up A Tree
    2. Davey
    3. All the Little People

    Ok episodes of s5 so far:

    1.  All Your Fault
    2. Five More Short Grapels
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