I've decided to take a break from those bad shipping blogs and talk about the show itself. I'm going to stay away from the fandom mock blog posts, and i'll do episode reviews from now on. 

So I'm just going to talk about the show in general. 

WARNING: This is only my opinion, not everyones. Please be mature with your comments, no flaming or trolling. 

The Story

The main plot started off as something very lighthearted that was just about kids running around doing random crap. However, when the S2 finale came out, the story became very engaging. 

It turned into something with heavy continuity, superb storylines, great characterization, backstory, depth and other great things. It seems to be getting more and more engaging as the show progresses. 

The Animation

I really don't know how to describe the animation in this. It looks very strange, very colorful and... somewhat good. I don't really like the character design for the main characters, but oh well.

The best animation comes from The Lich. They really make him look creepy, and his design reminds me of The Horned King from The Black Cauldron. I also love his movement. Not that much to say, other than it's good.

The Characters

The characters are somewhat of a mixed bag for me. First we have Finn, who's just okay. I'm not saying he's bad, but there's not much to say about him. Then we have Jake, who's one of the stronger characters. He can be pretty hilarious at times, and I like his portrayal as the comic relief.

There's also Princess Bubblegum, who isn't a really good character. She can be great in some episodes, like Lady And Peebles (heck, that's actually my favorite episode) but others... she's just bland.

And then we have the Ice King, who's the villan of the series. His backstory is brilliant and tear-jerking, but in general, he's alright. 

Then we come to my favorite character, Marceline. She's such a great character, all the episodes where she's a main character have been the best (except Go With Me, that was just average.) 

And then we have Flame Princess... ughhh... I really dislike her. I know this will cause some controversy, but I don't care. It just seems like she was thrown in for the sake of a new love interest for Finn. I did like "Hot To The Touch" for the dramatic tone, but there's a huge plot hole in it. At the end, Flame Princess said they couldn't be together. Then, in Burning Low, they're hanging out. 

I would like her more if it wasn't for her DAMN FANBASE! Ugh, they just frustrate me more than anything.


Adventure Time is a fun show that is one of my favorite cartoons. Sure, there can be some bad episodes, and maybe the character design doesn't look too good, but i'd recommend it for people who haven't seen it.

The Story: 9/10

The Animation: 8/10

The Characters: 6/10

Overall: 8.5/10