Tarantula,Bat and Serpent trainer

  • Tarantula,Bat and Serpent trainer

    When Angel heard that Fred and Charles were sucked into a wormhole,she went with Charles mom,Ashely Padilla.When they got to the forest,they rock,paper scissored to see who goes in first.Meanwhile in Ooo,Finn finallly woke up and continued thier way to the Candy Kingdom.When they got to the castle,Fred asked what the king and queen looked like.Finn said that it's only ruled by a princess,when Finn and Jake opened the door,they saw a pink woman walking around the hallway.Finn shouted and said,"PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM! WE FOUND 2 HUMANS!

    At this,Princess Bubbles gum collapsed,Fred and Charles asked Jake why Finn shouted at the princess,Jake simply replied,Because the princess used to be FInn's crush,until I found him a new one,Finn's new crush is …

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  • Tarantula,Bat and Serpent trainer

    As said from the last blog,Charles and Fred were pinned down by 2 people behind them.When they woke up,they saw a kid and a dog.The kid asked the dog if he thinks they're evil.the dog replies,"No.Both Charles and Fred were surprised by this.The kid asked why did they look so surprised by the dog talking.The 2 boy simply answered,"We didn't know your dog could talk!And the kid nodded and said they're not evil.He released the two.Charles and Fred asked if they had any clothes.Charles and Fred took some clothes and tried them,they were perfect.The kid and the dog introduced themselves.The kid's name was Finn and dog's name was Jake.Charles and Fred also introduced themselves.Finn and Jake offered to stroll to the Candy Kingdom.While on their …

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  • Tarantula,Bat and Serpent trainer


    Fred Conners:Star

    Sarah Williams:Leading Lady

    Mr. Michael Sinister:Only Antagonist

    Angel Conners:Fred's Mom and Voice of Reason

    It was a cold winter's eve.I was 10 days until New Year,we see a typical South Carolina house.Fred conners was sitting in his room,bored.He called his friend Charles and said,

    "Yo Charles,wanna go to a hill tomorrow?


    Fred:It'll be cooool!"

    The next morning,they went to a small hill,both Fred and Charles forgot to bring a sled.They both facepalmed.Fred sugessted to go into the forest.Charles said no,Fred quoted:"it'll be fun!" "Okay." Charles answered doubtingly.When they got to the mouth of the forest,they shurgged each other for who to go first,Fred volunteered,and when they walked pretty deep,they saw…

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