Fred Conners:Star

Sarah Williams:Leading Lady

Mr. Michael Sinister:Only Antagonist

Angel Conners:Fred's Mom and Voice of Reason

Charles Padilla:Fred's best friend

The Adventures and Antics of Fred Conners

It was a cold winter's eve.I was 10 days until New Year,we see a typical South Carolina house.Fred conners was sitting in his room,bored.He called his friend Charles and said,

"Yo Charles,wanna go to a hill tomorrow?


Fred:It'll be cooool!"

The next morning,they went to a small hill,both Fred and Charles forgot to bring a sled.They both facepalmed.Fred sugessted to go into the forest.Charles said no,Fred quoted:"it'll be fun!" "Okay." Charles answered doubtingly.When they got to the mouth of the forest,they shurgged each other for who to go first,Fred volunteered,and when they walked pretty deep,they saw a portal.Fred almost walked in,but Charlse stopped him and said,"Wait,let's see what's on the other end first,"he took a rock and threw it into the portal.A voice blurringly said "Ouch!' Then the two went in,they found the landscape a green a the first spring's day.They were soooooo surpised by this,when they looked left,they saw buildings made of candy and when they looked right,they saw mountains made of ice and covered w/ snow.They were going to gasp,but were immediately stopped by 2 persons behind them.

TO BE CONTINUED.....Tarantula,Bat and Serpent trainer (talk) 12:36, July 20, 2012 (UTC)Tarantula,Bat and Serpent trainer