When Angel heard that Fred and Charles were sucked into a wormhole,she went with Charles mom,Ashely Padilla.When they got to the forest,they rock,paper scissored to see who goes in first.Meanwhile in Ooo,Finn finallly woke up and continued thier way to the Candy Kingdom.When they got to the castle,Fred asked what the king and queen looked like.Finn said that it's only ruled by a princess,when Finn and Jake opened the door,they saw a pink woman walking around the hallway.Finn shouted and said,"PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM! WE FOUND 2 HUMANS!

At this,Princess Bubbles gum collapsed,Fred and Charles asked Jake why Finn shouted at the princess,Jake simply replied,Because the princess used to be FInn's crush,until I found him a new one,Finn's new crush is Flame Princess,.Fred,Charles, and Jake helped Finn to wake the princess up.When she woke up,she took the band to the lab.

Meanwhile,in South Carolina,Angel won and Ashely had to go to the forest first.When they got to the heart of the forest,they found the wormhole and went in.But to their dismay,they didn't got into the Adventure Time world,but The Amazing World of Gumball world! Then they hurried to the wormhole and they got out and went into the Regular Show world,and again,they wen to the wormhole,and got to the Candy Kingdom.They both screamed and Fred and Charles' names,and until they went into the castle.When they found the two,they sobbed in tears,and told them to go home.Which lend to an arguement.

Charles:But this world is sooooooooo awesome!

Fred:Yeah,we want to stay!

Angel:But if you don't come home,you'll miss the spring,summer,winter and autumn!

Ashely:Yes,and miss school.


Fred:And i don't want to go back with Mr. Sinister.

Angel and Ashely:If you say so,we're leaving.

Charles and Fred:Okay.

So the two moms went throught thw wormhole and went home.

Then Princess Bubblegum continued her tour of her castle.

Will Charles and Fred ever go home? And will Angel and Ashley ever see their sons? STAY TUNED!Tarantula,Bat and Serpent trainer (talk) 12:07, July 22, 2012 (UTC)Bat