As said from the last blog,Charles and Fred were pinned down by 2 people behind them.When they woke up,they saw a kid and a dog.The kid asked the dog if he thinks they're evil.the dog replies,"No.Both Charles and Fred were surprised by this.The kid asked why did they look so surprised by the dog talking.The 2 boy simply answered,"We didn't know your dog could talk!And the kid nodded and said they're not evil.He released the two.Charles and Fred asked if they had any clothes.Charles and Fred took some clothes and tried them,they were perfect.The kid and the dog introduced themselves.The kid's name was Finn and dog's name was Jake.Charles and Fred also introduced themselves.Finn and Jake offered to stroll to the Candy Kingdom.While on their way,Fred sighed.finn asked why,Fred said that he misses his crush,Sarah Williams.Finn quoted,"What's her species? Fred replied surprisingly,"WHAT?!,Finn said if she was a Candy Person,Fire Elemental,or Ice Kingdom inhabitant.Fred said that she was human.Finn and Jake were shocked,Charles also said that he and Fred were also humans.Finn fainted,Jake tried to wake him up,Charles asked why did Finn faint,Jake said that they thought he was the only human.

While Charles and Fred tried to wake Finn up,Fred got a phone call,it was Angel,his mom.

Fred:"What is it mom?

Angel:"It's Mr. Sinister,he said that you broke his lawnmower.

Fred:What?! Tell him that I never touch his stuff,because I know it was handicrafted by Satan himself.


We put on a time lapse of Angel talking to Mr. Michael Sinister.Sinister agrees,and goes to a repair store.

Angel was worried and phoned Fred again to ask where he was.He said that he and Charles went through a wormhole which connected to another parallel universe.Angel was shocked and asked Fred where The wormhole was.Fred said it was in the heart of the forest.Angel got her coat and ran as fast as she could.

Can Angel Find the wormhole and find Fred and Charles? And will Finn already wake up? Stay Tuned.

TO BE CONTINUED.........Tarantula,Bat and Serpent trainer (talk) 22:39, July 20, 2012 (UTC)Tarantula