Dear Adventure Time Wiki users,

Most users are aware of all the issues that have been circulating around the wiki recently. As seen on felinoel's blog, there have been conflicts with many promotions, demotions and other big changes, specifically with unauthorized action by Yami Arashi. As many have noticed, he has recently gained enough power, by bending the rules, to demote any admin within minutes. Due to this and all his other offenses, a quick decision had to be made. He has been banned infinitely and stripped of his rights by majority bureaucrat consensus. He is currently under investigation.

We are proposing the addition of new rules to prevent issues like this to ever occur again. Since rules are something all users agree to upon creating an account, it is very important the entire community is involved in any necessary changes. Here are our main, tentative goals we hope to reach via community consensus in effort to restore order to the wiki:

1. All users, specifically admins, will be notified of any large changes that are proposes. This includes promotions. These votes will be reviewed by the admins to make sure they are not biased and are valid. All claims for demotions must be backed up with solid proof. We propose having all votes take place in the forums as well as using the notification system to notify all users. Please refer to felinoel's blog to let us know what you'd like.
2. Votes will be opened long enough for all users to vote or to voice their opinions. We had an issue where decisions were made and executed with very few votes in a very short time span. Most users and admins did not have the chance to vote. We will make sure any decision made reflects the true intentions and necessities of the entire community, and not just a small portion.
3. Also, we wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the responsibilities of each user group, specifically the admin and bureaucrat group. Admins have the responsibility to make huge edits such as moving, deleting and protecting pages. It is their job to make sure all the main spaces, including talk, blog, template and special, are running smoothly. Bureaucrats have the authority to promote and demote users based on the need and will of the community. To prevent crats from acting on their own, we will ensure the community is well engaged and content with every decision before it is executed. On a side note, Wikia has a rule that crats are usually not demoted even if they are inactive, unless they do something detrimental such as mass vandalism. The only exception is a community consensus for the demotion of a crat that hasn't been online for at least two years. This is the reason we have the "inactive" and "hiatus" status marks on our admin page.
4. We also want to work with the community to establish promotion rules to prevent corrupted admins coming into power. Once we have decided what these rules will be, we will hold a community vote to establish them. Rules we are considering include the following:
i. Users with bad history of bans and blocks might not be eligible for admin promotion
ii. Only users who are active, have good quality and quantity edits and have been on the wiki for an X amount of time are eligible for admin promotion.
iii. Replacing the 2-crat rule with a majority crat, admin and community vote

We appreciate your support and understanding. We kindly ask for your patience and cooperation as we work together to rebuild our wiki. If the community can come to a consensus, we can start enforcing the "goals" stated above to make sure every user has access to the freedoms granted to them by default.

If you support, oppose or have any suggestions, questions or comments about any of this, please let me or any of the other admins know.