Basically everyone here has read my anti-Lich blog, right? Well, I do have proof that AT can have a serious, but still well developed and sympathetic villain. Farmworld Finn. Dear god, Farmworld Finn. I think I can best describe him as a more serious, but also more niave and insane Ice King. Where The Ice King has a compulsion to capture princesses, Farmworld Finn wants nothing more than to freeze the world. But, he also wants to protect his family, and freezing everything in sight is how he does it. He's a perfect combination of compassionate and empathetic and heartless and insane. It's a shame that there's basically no way to see him again, but, it was fun while it lasted. Maybe, we'll get some good fanfiction or fanart at best. But sadly, Farmworld Finn's opus has passed

No, but seriously people. Farmworld Finn, and Flame Princess. Imagine the sheer genius. Farmworld Finn becomes obsessed with FP, and decides to show his affection for her by freezing over her entire kingdom. Flame Princess and Finn become rivals, and the world gets torn apart. So much greatness.

And, what about Lich Jake? Would they fight each other, or join together as a duo of evil? And, would the Mushroom Bomb spread if Finn froze everything?

And here's a story I wrote about him:




Freeze everything.

Now, everything before me, covered in glimmering, glorious, sparkling ice, is safe. Safe from everything...

Something in the corner of my eye





She could hurt my family beautiful

Flames... reflecting off of crystalline ice

I have to have her

I go up to her, try to give her a gift

A full blown



Just for her

She doesn't like it

She burns me

Melts my ice

Leaves everyone I love open to harm

I have to protect her too

There are people...who want to steal her beauty

So I freeze her

Let her light reflect off the ice forever

And ever

And ever

Finn. What are you doing. You've hurt so much, caused so much harm. Your family is dead Finn, and all because of you. You have to use this moment of clarity, this brief burst of sanity to perform the last act of protection, the only thing that can truly save the world around you

So I saved everyone

So cold

So cold