SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT. Like, end of story spoilers. If you don't want the whole story ruined, do not read this part. Just click to the next heading.

I was recently struck with an idea. Finn explores the origins of his family, and finds out the Mushroom War was an effort by an evil villian to kill all humans, so that a Hero would not rise up to defeat them. So Finn must relive his ancestor's memories, and go on some quests the find and defeat the villians. I'll write this when I'm done with the nearly unholy number of other fanfics I'm making. It will also feature the return of Stormo and Me-Mow. Oh, heck with it, I'll start it soon. Or, why not now. Enjoy the spoilers


Chapter 1-Burning

All around was fire. Trees were burning, houses were burning, and the sky rained ash and misery. Two figures ran in the night, nothing but their shadows were visable against the flames. The taller one, his shadow looking more masculine than the other, female shadow, removed something from his robe. It was a small crying child who's long blond hair layed on the ground, covered in ash. The female shadow pulled out a white hat and placed it on his head, and left the baby on a leaf. They both turned and ran back into the flames

Chapter 2-The Ice King's Silence

It was much a normal day for Finn. The Ice King had captured yet another princess. Finn was lifted through the Ice King's window into his den by Jake's powers. Finn charged at the Ice King yelling "Give back the princess!" The Ice King stepped back nervously and said "No guys. I didn't take any princess. I was just sitting here with Gunter, and thinking about stealing princesses" Jake shrunk back to normal size and said "While what about that princes!" He said, pointing at thin air. The Ice King raised his arms, an electric aura of ice gathering around his hands. He shouted "Who told you about nonexistant princess?"