Characters that need more episodes

  • Glob: Glob is funny, eccentric, and enigmatic. I want the series to look into his godliness more, and why Abe Lincon seems to hold more power than him.
  • Princess Cookie: Such an underrated character. He/she/it/who even cares anymore deserves another episode
  • Goliad: Goliad will return, one way or another. I'd like to see her interact with more characters
  • Ice King: The Ice King is really complex. I want to see him have more episodes, mainly ones focusing on Simon
  • Hunson: As evil as Hunson is, I can't help but like him. It would be cool to see an episode where he gets back his evil edge after becoming so soft
  • Me-Mow: I'm on the fence about this. I don't know if I like or hate him yet. On one hand, his personality is a little flat. On the other hand, he makes for an interesting and clever enemy. If he had some development, I would like him more
  • Finn: despite being the main character, there has never truly been a Finn-centric episode. He does have an interesting character, but it just hasn't been explored yet
  • LSP: LSP is easily one of the funniest characters. All she needs is a less cliche personality and I'd love her
  • Scorcher: I would like so see and epsiode where Scorcher and MeMow team up/compete to assassinate PB.
  • Susan: I really want to look into Susan's backstory, her race, and her relationship with Finn
  • Ash: sure he's a jerk, but I want him back just cause.
  • Seacrag: I need no justification

Characters that shouldn't have more episodes

  • The Lich: I hope he dies a horrible death in the season finale and never comes back. I really do
  • Lady Rainicorn: I'm sick of her pups putting all the spotlight on her, as she is quite boring. Plus the decision to make her speak in Korean was a stupid one
  • The Genderswapped Characters: I just don't care for them. Marshall is Marceline with boingloings, so why is he so popular? I mean, I just don't want to see any more episodes in the land of Aaa. The fanfic joke was funny the first time, but not anymore
  • Flame Princess: There are way too many episodes with FP, considering that she has the personality of a rock. After Ignition Point, she should take a break. Unless she gets captured by the Ice King
  • King Worm: They already did the whole inception thing, so King Worm has no reason to appear outside of cameos.
  • BMO: Besides BMO Noir, all BMO-centric episodes were simply bad.
  • Ricardio: I've had enough nightmares, thank you. Also:
The resembelance