I now deem shipping stupid! I mean honestly people. What's more important about Adventure Time? Its wit, ironic humor, great characters, and complete hilariousness, or arguing over whether or not two f***cking fictional characters are in a relationship, or who would look cuter as a couple? Can we just forget about all this stupid, and just appreciate the show for what actually makes it good? And no, I did not make this just because of the new episode. The episode just showed me that now was the right time.

And, stop with these PB vs FP arguments. Serious, it's ridiculous. Screw it, PB and FP suck. Simon is better than both of them combined. But nobody will admit that, because it's all about shipping. Unless someone is shipping competion, nobody has a reason to hate them, right? Wrong!

And genderswaps can go to HFIL too. THEY ARE JUST CANON CHARACTERS WITH DIFFERANT NAUGHTY BITS! Serious, the Marshall obsession has to stop. And the crossovers too. Just no. They are non-canon. Get that into your head people.

And if you're wondering, yes. I stopped giving a crap about bubbline ages ago. I just didn't tell anyone because obviously they would get offended.

Lastly, I would like to ask, what's the difference or divide between shipping and interpreting romantic subcontext, if there is one?