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  • Tepip

    Tepip hi

    October 22, 2014 by Tepip


    My five paragraph post of why I love Adventure Time with Finn & Jame got deleted Oh dang.

    I cry evry Tim.

    Thanks for reading hi

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  • Tepip


    May 3, 2014 by Tepip

    Prepare to meet your doom. So this blog is going to be about clarence wiki. So if you don't know clarence is a newly premiered Cartoon Network show.

    We are currently in the clamence vs cashly shipping war. This war orriganly Began last week when atsuperfan and mother zombie argued about the two ships though we thought kimby was Ashley. The fight waged on for 2 days until a admin shut it down.

    It mostly consists of jgoofy and mother zombie with me and the head admin, cdskl. Jgoofy is a rebellious person who loves to use harsh words. Mother zombie on the other hand is a wise person but can be easily angered. Cdskl Is stern but very wise and I am complicated.

    We hope to be affilated wikis.

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