Two months ago I got rid of Direct TV.  It was costing me about $85 a month. The only shows I found worth watching were Movies I have not seen before, as many Science Fiction classics as possible like Dark Star and Metropolis, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Phineas and Ferb, the old episodes of Spongebob(before the odd voice adjustment), Tron: Uprising, The Walking Dead, The Short Films Channel(when it was included in promos), the movie channels included on special weeks.  In fact, AT and Walking Dead were the only reasons I was keeping DTV in the first place.

I did not enjoy the History Channel or the Discovery Channel because they showed shows that were not history like Ancient Aliens and those stupid monster hunt shows.  The Syfy channel was quite dissapointing due to paranormal and reality shows like Ghost Hunters and Scare Tactics took up most of the air time. Syfy also failed to deliver quality science fiction shows and showed stupid films like Sharktopus and Battle of Los Angeles(not to be confused with Battle Los Angeles). Instead they showed Merlin, Neverland, Sanctuary, and Lost Girl. These shows may be good, but they are not Science Fiction.

Another thing that irritated me about Direct TV was the lack of new programs and reuse of old tv series. They also had a DTV Cinema program where you could rent movies that were in theatres and were also in movie stores. This irritated me because I feel these films, at least the ones you could rent in stores should be free since I was already paying about $85 a month for programming.  $85 a month is $1,020 a year. That's a lot of money for shows I'm not really interested in.  Those were the reasons I cancelled DTV.

Overall, the only reason I kept DTV was because Adventure Time was so freaking awesome to watch everyday. Now I have to find alternative routes to do so.