Greetings fellow readers,

I'm back for another blog as I work on my PB Character Analysis (yeah I changed it to a character analysis, go ahead bite me).

This isn't really a blog post but more or less a rant about something that has been bothering me for quite some time. As you may know, even though Cartoon Network hasn't made an official annoncement, it's more or less confirmed by the production codes and hinted by the staff that there will be a 1-hour special. As excited as I am for it, it has lead to people calling it something it is not, a film. I F**KING HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE CALL ONE HOUR SPECIALS MOVIES!!! Why? Because 1 hour is not a movie, that's usually the length of a hour long TV Show, and they don't even use the whole hour, they tend to use 44-48 minutes of it while the rest are commericials. Movies to me and the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences are usually at a minimum 75 minutes. This has been bothering me since at least 2006 when Nickelodeon was coming out with a bunch of one hour specials and calling them "movies", it really pissed me off! I sincerely hope the day Cartoon Network announces it, they don't call it a movie because it's NOT! 

Now I understand this is a pet peeve of mine and to other people they don't mind. I understand that people will intertwine the word special and movie a lot. Well I respect whatever you call it even though you're wrong when you call it a film or movie.

Thanks for reading, I'm glad I got that out of my system, and let us all look forward to the 1-hour Special.