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This is actually my second time writing this, I apparently made an error the first time round. Update: It has happen again, now I'm gonna update after each List. So I decided I will publish this after I countdown the first season and edit from there on out.

Anyways I'm here to countdown the best episodes from each season and also the worst episodes, because even when you're a fan, there are just some episodes that aren't as good as others (usually episodes I put around 5 and 4 in the worst list I won't consider "bad" just paling in comparsion to others). Keep in mind, these are my opinions and if you don't agree with them, then comment which ones you think should have made either list. Now let's get started:

Season 1

Top 5 Best Episodes

5. Memories of Boom Boom Mountain

This episode showcases Finn's undying devotion to being a hero. It shows what might work for one person doesn't work for the other. It also shows no matter how many tasks seem to pile up and answers seemingly harder to find, solutions still exist. It helps it was funny along the way.

4. Rainy Day Daydream

This was a delightful episode. It shows that even in a world where crazy stuff (like Knife Storms) already exists, it's good to keep a wild imagination. Cause without it, you'll be boring.

3. The Enchiridion

The first episode produced and completed, this episode pretty much set up the anything goes nature of the show. It was also a good introduction to the 2 main protaganists, Finn and Jake.

2. What Have You Done?

A creative experimentation with "dark" episodes before they became common after the Season 2 finale, it showed that Finn and Jake, even though their mostly reckless heroes, know when it is right or wrong to imprison someone without knowing the cause. Once they learn why he was there from Princess Bubblegum, they of course go out to solve that problem.

1. Dungeon

An awesome Dungeons and Dragons inspired episode, this episodes shows that while Finn is capable of many things, he can't do everything. And that he should be grateful he has a best bud like Jake that can help him with the things he can't do and vice-versa. And when they get into messes neither can solve, they can count on friends like Princess Bubblegum.

Top 5 Worst Episodes

5. The Jiggler

Finn and Jake find a baby creature and after having too much fun with it, they learn he needs to return to his mother. It's not really a bad episode, but I didn't find it all that interesting.

4. Gut Grinder

Spoilers!........... Not Really: Jake isn't the Gut Grinder. You can see it coming a mile away and it doesn't really do anything new with that premise.

3. Ricardio the Heart Guy

Spoilers! Again!............ Not Really: Ricardio is evil. You know for a intelligent scientist, Princess Bubblegum was a pretty big idiot in this episode. First off, she gets captured TWICE in this episode. Listen I don't care what "smart explanation" Ricardio had for the rope and broken bottle, when you see someone with a rope and broken bottle, it's usually not a good sign. Also, I don't care if you thought Finn was just a kid and was jealous, he saved your chewy ass multiple times, the least you could have done was hear him out.

2. Donny

This episode didn't sit well with me, apparently people really can change, but they shouldn't for whatever reasons are given. That not a good message to teach now is it.

1. The Witch's Garden

Jake learned............. nothing. And I got................. nothing to add.

Season 2

Top 5 Best Episodes

5. It Came from the Nightosphere

Here we learn Marceline the Vampire Queen isn't just a fun-loving thrill-seeking trolling jerk, she's a fun-loving thrill-seeking trolling jerk with daddy issues (and in later episodes, a lot more issues). After Marceline's Dad is freed from the Nightosphere, Finn and Marceline must stop him from sucking all the souls from Ooo. And it lead to an awesome creature transformation and a somewhat heartwarming resolution between Marceline and her dad.

4. Video Makers

In this episode, we see Finn and Jake conflict, because even the best of pals can sometimes fight. But as BMO puts in song, you shouldn't let little things ruin what's overall a great friendship.

3. Mystery Train

A creatively made Whodunit episode that was pretty smart and did actually surprise me during my first view of it. It was also funny and sweet.

2. Go With Me

A funny episode about Finn trying to get PB to go to the movies with him with the help of Marcy, but failing because, 1, he doesn't know girls, and 2, Marcy was trolling with him. But it wouldn't make sense for Marcy to troll with Finn unless.............. nope, can't be that, she even said she doesn't like Finn that way. Well now it makes even less sense unless............... she wanted to troll PB, yeah that makes sense, but it wouldn't make sense for her to troll PB unless............... (I'll leave that up to interpretation). It also ends on an awesome note.

1. Mortal Folly/Mortal Recoil

Screw you, I know this is technically 2 episodes but this is MY list, so anything goes. These episodes rose the stakes that were being held, and while it was pretty dark in tone, it still maintained the funny Adventure Time charm while still being serious.

Top 5 Worst Episodes

5. Slow Love

This isn't really a bad episode, nor is it overly disgusting (then again I'm one of the few people that has no problem with the Squidward toe scene but that's beside the point). It doesn't really do anything new with it's premise.

4. Her Parents

Here's another that isn't that bad, but I felt like so much more could have been done with this episode (for Pete's sake the casted Henry Rollins and Laura Silverman (Sarah Silverman's sister who's a good comedian in her own right) to guest star as Lady Rainicorn's parents and barely anything was done with it). Yeah I know it's sweet Jake was trying to make Lady Rainicorn happy, but it feels like a missed opportunity.

3. Belly of the Beast

Here's another episode that a lot more could have been done with it's special guest star, unlike the last one, this kinda hurts the episode more in a way.

2. Loyalty to the King

Apparently your whole entire look changes after your beard is shaved off, and no one can recongize you after it's been shave off, and apparently anyone will do anything for good looking people. Blah! Thankfully everything returns to normal when they figure out it's the Ice King.

1. Heat Signature

My goodness were Finn and Jake stupid in this episode. I know the point of the episode was them being tricked into thinking they were vampires, but there were plenty of moments where even they could have figured out they weren't vampires. At least we know Marcy knows when pranks go too far.

Season 3

Top 5 Best Episodes

5. Mortiuri Te Salutamus

If Mortal Folly/Mortal Recoil was the climax of Adventure Time's increasing darkness, then this episode pretty much solidified that notion. Think about it, you have an obviously evil looking king who lives in a grimly looking stadium and forced companions to kill each other in battle. Anyways in this episode, Finn shows that he is competent enough to come up with a plan to escape certain doom, yes it took risks, but in the end it worked.

4. No One Can Hear You

Man, was this episode creepy, but it was awesome. The atmosphere for this episode was marvelously set up, and it led to one of the most creepily awesome moments in the show, THAT DEER!

3. Holly Jolly Secrets Part II

Wow, was a bomb dropped in this episode. But other than that, it was actually a well paced episode with a surprisingly heartwarming ending, even after that bomb was dropped.

2. Incedium

I think a lot of people forget just how much trouble Jake went through to help his brother from another mother get over his sadness, and that was really noble of him, even if he didn't know the consequences of freeing Flame Princess. But that didn't matter, cause Finn developed a new crush on Flame Princess anyways.

1. What Was Missing

There's more to this episodes than the hints that PB and Marcy used to be (Insert Your Interpretation Here). In this episode, Finn, Jake, BMO, PB and Marcy have to get their most prized possessions back from the Door Lord. And here we see Finn trying his absolute best to keep everyone together, even as tensions rose. It was a really sincere episode.

Top 5 Worst Episodes

5. Holly Jolly Secrets Part I

I felt like this episode was mostly just filler till we got to Holly Jolly Secrets Part II

4. The Monster

In this episode, Lumpy Space Princess learns the errors of her way. It's sweet and all, but nothing new was really done with it.

3. Wizard Battle

Talk about a disappointment of an episode, this episode totally looked like it was gonna be full of action packed moments, but it wasn't. And don't get me started with the ending....... NO! JUST NO! It wasn't cute, it was wrong. It gives me disturbing flashbacks to Blank Check.

2. Too Young

Let Me Explain: In this episode, the Earl of Lemongrab assumes control of the Candy Kingdom because PB was too young at the time, and the way PB returns to being 18 again was by getting enough candy biomass and absorbing it. Which begs the question, why didn't she do that in the first place? I know she said in this episode she doesn't like working so much, and yet in episodes before this, she was seen having plenty of free time, and in episodes after this, she's seen working even more with little free time. And while Lemongrab was a jerk, being a jerk to a jerk doesn't solve you're problems. Oh and that supposed love for Finn, never directly mentioned ever again. You'll all say it's the age difference, and yet you still see other princesses older than Finn hit on him. If PB truly liked Finn in that way, she would have said it by now, because that supposedly isn't a problem in Ooo's society. But that hasn't happen mostly because this is a show for our world (and we don't accept that). Well I think the in-universe reason that hasn't happen is because she never liked Finn in that way, in fact when she needed to get back to normal, I think she manipulated with Finn's love, cause while she doesn't like Finn in that way, she knew Finn's love for her was gonna bring enough heat to get her back to normal. What? It explains a lot, esp. in Burning Low, where she was clearly confused by Finn's rant about her which meant 1. She never took these events into account and 2. She was clearly talking about someone else when she was talking to Finn on the hill. And there's my rant on this episode.

1. Still

I'll keep this short, there's such thing as being too creepy, and the Ice King was that in this episode.

Season 4

Top 5 Best Episodes

5. King Worm

This episode is basically Network Youtube Poop, and it was awesome. It also had a lot of foreshadowing to future events that place near the end of the season and a lot of callbacks to previous episodes.

4. Goliad

In this episode, PB makes a new heir to the throne in case something were to happen to her. Finn and Jake volenteer to care for the Goliad when they see PB is super tired. However, when things go messy, Goliad learns the wrong way to rule. This episode was pretty potent about its subject, which was power and what the right way to use it was.

3. Princess Cookie

This is that episode about the male cookie who wanted to be a princess. And you actually feel for this guy and his quest to be a princess, even if he did have a loose screw. And this episode, almost made me believe he killed himself, but thankfully he was okay, and sent to a psychairic ward. There he finally became a "princess". I not exactly sure what it was about, but if it was about transgenders, then it certainly did a better job then that Family Guy episode "Quagmire's Dad". Yep, a kids show having a better transgender episode than the adult show.

2. Burning Low

I like to think of this episode like it was a Three's Company episode........... if the world was at stake. Cause there were a lot of of misunderstandings, like Jake misunderstanding PB, which let him to misinform Finn, which lead him to misunderstand PB, which lead her to clarify with Jake, which lead to Finn having to rescue Flame Princess from destroying the world (Boy that esculated quickly). Thankfully it was a lot of fun along the way.

1. I Remember You

Yep, another bomb was dropped in this episode, and it was FULL OF FEELS! But more than that, this episode surprisingly accurately reflected the pain someone goes though whenever someone dear to their heart can no longer remember them. And it was all capped off in a song (the link to it if you dare: so sad that.................... that.................................... that .............................. that you'll need happy song after it (I recommend this one: but you can find others). So yeah it was great.

Top 5 Worst Episodes

5. Princess Monster Wife

Basically, Ice King steals all of his favorite princess parts and makes a wife out of it, while it was somewhat sweet, it was mostly creepy. And in the end, the Ice King learns nothing after she disassembles.

4. Gotcha!

This episode was made just for people who don't like LSP. Other than that, it adds nothing new to the true beauty in on the inside plot.

3. The Hard Easy

You would think a lot would happen with a plot that involves a Giant Frog, but other than it's clever ending, there wasn't that much this episode offered.

2. Who Would Win

Video Makers done wrong, IMO.

1. Dream of Love

Tree Trunks finds a love interest, and the entire joke is that everyone finds it disgusting. I didn't find the episode all that disgusting, but the same joke just got tiring.

Season 5 Volume 1

Top 5 Best Episodes

5. All The Little People

This is another one of those creepy yet awesome Adventure Time episodes, and I still can't describe it. Basically Finn and Jake find mini versions of the denizens of Ooo and you just need to see the rest to understand.

4. The Suitor

The entire person looking just for love get deconstruted and parodied in this episode. I often like to think of it as a F**K You to Disney films with rushed romances. I should use this time to clear something up in this episode: I don't think PB was affected by the demon magic after really thinking about it, and when she said "my love" near the end of the episode, I think in was in reference to the fact that Braco was a Candy Kingdom citizen, and she said she loves all her citizens in a royal kind of way (basically she said it in a non-romantic way). Also, while it was probably unintentional, whenever I hear this: I think of this for some reason:

3. Mystery Dungeon

Another awesome Dungeons and Dragons inspired episode that gives to characters that don't appear very often. And it helps it was freaking hilarious.

2. A Glitch is A Glitch

Sometimes it's good to have an episode that completely different from other episodes, esp. if it's done right. And this was that episode.

1. Simon & Marcy

After the tearjerker ending that was I Remember You, we finally got an episode that explained Marceline and Ice King's past, and did it not disappoint. It was funny, it was sweet, it was chilling, it was thrilling, it was Fantastic (said 9th Doctor style).

Top 5 Worst Episodes

5. Up A Tree

It's not really a bad episode, it's basically just Finn having his own adventure, and there isn't a lot of suspense to it, in fact there really isn't a lot to it.

4. The Great Birdman

This is a weird episode, and not in a good way. First off we have a villain from way back in Season 2 return and reforming himself. There is one joke that both disgusting and hilarious, but other than that, it was just what.

3. The Party's Over, Isla de Senorita

Here's an episode that makes you think it has more meaning to it, when in reality it's really simple. The reason the Ice King helped the Island Lady is not because he wasn't wearing his crown, it's because she wasn't a princess. And of course, he learns nothing.

2. Wizard Only, Fools

I already reviewed this, but here's a recap: 1. Not very funny 2. Had completely avoidable situations and 3. Hit you with a hammer with a Science vs Whatever message.

1. Another Five More Short Graybles

Wow, was this episode a mess. At least with other grayble episodes, they connected the themes as smoothly as possible, this didn't even try to do that, and you can tell. Spoilers! The theme of the episode was the 5 stages of grief and Good Grief did this episode not make sense.

And there you have it, My Top 5 Best and Worst Episodes of each Season, and may I say I'm looking forward to Season 5 Volume 2, it started off on the right foot with Jake Suit. If you have anything to say, remember the comment section is below.