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Well I'm suprised Doug made it this far into Adventure Time, esp. considering his reactions to the first episodes. But then he got a friend of his (Jason (and his family)) to help him out and well he's enjoying it.

Here's Doug's Vlog on It Came From The Nightosphere


Anyways here's Doug's Vlog on The Eyes

Enjoy your night folks, don't let any big eyed horses creep you...


Here's Doug's Vlog on Loyalty To The King

His brother Rob (The Other Guy) joins in and so does someone who donated money during one of Doug's Kickstarter-like campaigns.

Also I don't know what Nickelodeon is doing with Legend of Korra either (it's still a quality show, but the time slots are needlessly sporadic), but the new TMNT series (if you love Teen Titans (the first one, not the more comedic Teen Titans Go!), then you'll love this too) is doing pretty well and so is their new comedy Sanjay & Craig (which is awesome too, good ol' mindless fun).

Nickelodeon also greenlight 2 new promising series: Bad Seeds (created by Chowder creator CH Greenblatt) and Pig Goat Banana Cricket.

As you can tell from my profile picture, I think highly of Spongebob Squarepants no matter what others say, I'll admit that there have been a handful of episodes that were hugely disappointing after Season 4 at least (most of the episodes from that season of Spongebob were on par with Season 1-3 IMO), but I don't let nostalgia get me to say all new Spongebob episodes are bad or what not.

That being said, it's good Nickelodeon is actually trying to put effort into new series that can help them stop relaying on Spongebob all the time and maybe some day close the book on the little yellow square guy's wacky adventures.

As for Cartoon Network, they do deserve bravos, but they need to stop trying to shove live action shows or actually put some effort in the live action shows if they are trying to make it a "thing".

Well that went longer than expected..... enjoy your evening.


Here's Doug's Vlog on Blood Under The Skin

Sticking to the theme of the episode, they'll be saying a lot of embarrassing stuff.


Here's Doug's Vlog on Slow Love


Hello again Ooo Review editors

Thank you for noticing he reviewed other episodes, BUT, you make it sound like you made a difference when in reality he had been reviewing them as often as he can and NEVER GAVE UP IN THE FIRST PLACE!


you still only used the vlogs I posted on the site and still haven't noticed the F**KING LINKS!

Well here's the rest of the vlogs so far:

File:Nostalgia Critic - Adventure Time Vlogs Dungeon

File:Nostalgia Critic - Adventure Time Vlogs Loyalty to the King

File:Nostalgia Critic - Adventure Time Vlogs Blood Under the Skin

File:Nostalgia Critic - Adventure Time Vlogs Slow Love

Now don't you dare twist up what I'm gonna say right now, it appears the Adventure Time Vlogs are on hiatus right now because of his other projects, it doesn't mean he gave up, it just means he's busy and he'll probably post the vlogs as soon as he can, also TAKE A LOOK AT THE DARN LINKS I PUT UP!!!


Hooray! The Vlog output may have slowed, but it hasn't stopped. Here's Doug's Vlog on Power Animal


If you noticed, Doug was missing an episode, and here's his Vlog on Storytelling

Apparently the original video for it was lost due to hardware giliches, so this is his replacement video for it, which is why it's much shorter and only features him.


Here's Doug's Vlog on Crystals Have Power

I agree with him, this episode was hilarious, but I still find Crystal Possessed Tree Trunks really cringingly creepy, but I still like this episode nevertheless.


Here's Doug's Vlog on The Other Tarts

Personally I was sort of disappointed with this episode, there still are funny moments and I understand it's intent, but the logic behind it never had much sense, maybe if the logic behind it made more sense, I could have liked it more, but I could still watch it no probs.


Here's Doug's Vlog on To Cut A Woman's Hair

He's seen Finn's hair, and he thought it was a good joke, which it is, but did you honestly expect him to fanboy about it? Seriously, I get tired of people fanboying about it, yes he has awesome hair, but he's more than just hair. Other than that, he's actually right, there aren't too many noteworthy things in episode, but I prefer this episode over The Other Tarts as this was average with funny moments whereas The Other Tarts was pretty stupid with funny moments.


Well he lost another vlog due to computer errors

Here's Doug's replacement vlog for The Chamber of the Frozen Blades

He'll make sure he won't lose anymore, and yes, the cat does come back... 2 seasons later.


Here's Doug's Vlog on Her Parents

Ah yes, this episode, if The Other Tarts was stupid with funny moments and To Cut a Woman's Hair was average with funny moments, then this was predictable with funny moments. That being said, they still had Henry Rollins play against his typecast and still barely did anything with it, they also barely did anything with Laura Silverman's role. That being said still harmless viewing, just not one of my favs.


Here's Doug's Vlog on The Pods

He was pretty much on point, a fun episode, nothing more or less.

PS: Don't worry Doug, you're not the only one who noticed the pod was shaped like a butt



Here's Doug's Vlog on The Silent King

Well you asked for more butts and you got more butts! Unfortunately you're not gonna get any pretty naked ladys, because... (another reason besides kids show...) it's on cable.


Here's Doug's Vlog on The Real You

This vlog got really wierd, but also incredibly funny. Also Jori brought up a good point to some extant, she pretty much described Princess Bubblegum as the definition of A Wesley, and she couldn't be more right. Okay, it's true that a character that isn't perfect is a more interesting character, but whenever no other character can see these flaws, it's irritating. It's also not helped at all when the writers try to find as many ways as possible to make it seem like it's the right thing, when it wasn't, that just makes a character even more irritating to the viewers. Where was I? I don't remember after that mini-rant... oh yeah, sorry Doug, no juice gooses in the next episode, in fact, we don't see Choose Goose in some form for a long time, and the real Choose Goose still hasn't appeared again yet.


Here's Doug's Vlog on Guardians of Sunshine

He's the Nostalgia Critic, he remembers it so you don't have to. But yeah, he got a kick out of the retro gaming homages.


Here's Doug's Vlog on Death In Bloom

Ok, I'm pretty sure the yellow "shirt" Finn wore was a sweater for the cold, but yeah, Princess Bubblegum (and Marceline) do change clothes often, the rest of the characters...... not so much. Anyways, yeah this was a good episode.


Here's Doug's Vlog on Susan Strong

Yeah, he really likes this episode, this is the first one he felt he was really interested in what happened.


Here's Doug's Vlog on Mystery Train

Yeah... they're kinda right about this episode, but I for one enjoy it for some reason even though I know it could have been a lot better, maybe it's because I just like mystery episodes in shows.


Here's Doug's Vlog on Go With Me

Wow! He really likes the idea of Finn and Marceline being a couple, and I don't blame him. Though I'm sure he'll like later episodes, not for Finnceline, but the fact there's no love triangles and the whole Finn and Princess Bubblegum angle is played with but stomped on a lot.


Here's Doug's Vlog on Belly of the Beast

Soon there will be some fanfic based on Doug's idea, cause... internet.


I'm gonna be away soon, and since I don't trust The Ooo Review

File:Nostalgia Critic - Adventure Time Vlogs Power Animal

File:Nostalgia Critic - Adventure Time Vlogs Storytelling

File:Nostalgia Critic - Adventure Time Vlogs Crystals Have Power

File:Nostalgia Critic - Adventure Time Vlogs The Other Tarts

File:Nostalgia Critic - Adventure Time Vlogs Mystery Train

File:Nostalgia Critic - Adventure Time Vlogs Go with Me

File:Nostalgia Critic - Adventure Time Vlogs Belly of the Beast

There you go!


Greetings everyone

Sorry I haven't had the time to update

But now that he has vlogged all the remaining episodes I'll just post them

Doug's Vlog on The Limit (released on 12/28)

Doug's Vlog on Video Makers (released on 12/29)

Doug's Vlog on Heat Signature (released on 12/30)

And Finally Doug's Vlogs on Mortal Folly and Mortal Recoil (both released on 1/3)

Enjoy and oh and a Happy New Year, I'll start a new Blog for went he starts Season 3.