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Well Doug has finally completed the double long Season 5 and all the other seasons as well to get to the current season we are currently in. A season in which we still don't have the exact number of episodes that are gonna be featured, of which all we know is that it's longer than 26 but shorter than 52 (My guess is 40, if it is, then don't worry, I won't be spliting the blog, I'll cover it all here). Anyways, since the season is still airing, and chances are Doug is gonna catch up before the season ends, I ask that if you are gonna discuss in the comment section, please make sure that there's a consistent flow of discussions and make sure that the comment section doesn't lock within 30 days. This blog will follow the same sturcture as the last blog post, in which I also shared my opinions as well, so you can discuss not just his opinions, but mines as well. Also, if there's gonna be a Season 7, I'm not gonna post the vlogs for that, this is my last blog post on the subject, if you want to share his opinions here, then do it on your own blog. 

And so it begins, here's Doug's Vlog on Wake Up

Well he thought it was a great way to begin the season, and also a great way to follow up on the last episode as well, he really missed Jake and was glad he got more time in this episode then the last 6 episodes or so. He also points out why Prismo's death worked, because he was given more attributes to makes us care for him despite appearing in one and a half episodes, unlike Lemonhope.

Well I sort of liked it too, I mean it was fun for the most part, but I still found that transition involving the Lich to be stupid. Yes, I was shocked Prismo died, but that didn't stop me from noticing that The Lich was obviously gonna find a way to escape from that cube, there had to be a better way to do that, oh well, see you all the next episode.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Escape from the Citadel

He definitely liked it, he thought the scenes with Finn's dad being a dick were well done even though it was pretty obvious that was gonna happen (also he knew that it really was Finn's dad, he just said that him not being the dad would have been hilarious because of what they had to do to get there, but he's well aware that really is his dad.) He also had a discussion with Jason and Jori about how the Lich was defeated which Jason didn't like because it was the ultimate villain being defeated as a joke, and Jori thought of an interesting theory.

I really liked it as well, it was well done and pretty heavy, in the good way. A lot of stuff that was brought up I thought was definitely well handled. And yeah, that's about it.

Here's Doug's Vlog on James II

So he finally shows off that Nostalgia Critic Tree Trunks a fan gave to him, and that's cute. Anyways he surprisingly didn't mind the episode, as he thought the multitude of James' and Banana Guards was pretty funny because of how they're still so stupid even when there's so many to solve something. 

While I can see where he's coming from with that, I personally didn't like it. I just found it too annoying. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on The Tower

He liked it, he thought it was great at coming up with a creative way to show why revenge is not such a good thing and thought it would resonate very well with people.

I thought it was good too, it definately did what should have done, though I personally don't see myself watching it on reruns a lot. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on Sad Face

Most of the time in this vlog was spent playing with stuffed animals (they noted how much time was wasted but it's still enjoyable to watch). When they were talking about the episode, they said they liked it.

Yeah this was okay to me, nothing special, but still a good watch. 

Next time: Prepare for flame wars!

Here's Doug's Vlog on Breezy

Well surprise surprise, Doug actually liked it. He, Jason, and Jori actually had a great conversion about this episode and I sincerely do recommend that you all watch it, it's really interesting and does explain what the episode was about.

As for me, well surprise surprise, I still didn't like it, admittedly, it's less than it was before but it's still there, and now an explanation (deep breath), I'm gonna be doing this as calm and understanding as possible, I know there's gonna be people who will hate it regardless, but you know what, I don't care, let them hate. I get this episode, I know what it was trying to convey, it was an episode about depression. It's an intriguing premise, and yes a lot had happen to Finn to warrant that, but it still felt off, espically if you watch James II, in which he was fine as is (I still think The Tower should have come after Escape from the Citadel), so in that sense, it was kinda forced. Even with that in mind, it was still progessing understandingly, rushed sometimes but mostly coherent, however, everything falters in the third act. First off, I don't think LSP raped Finn, however the implications were uncomfortable and shouldn't have been used in that angle. And then there's Finn growing back his arm, it was not a good idea, and not just from a foreshadowing and quickly dropped subplot standpoint, but also from the whole theme of the episode standopoint, because when he grew back that arm, everything seemed magically solved, wasn't the whole point of the episode that depression is tough and can't just be solved quickly? Also, what warranted Finn to have his grow his arm back, it just grew back for no real good reason. I know it's a kids show, but if you're gonna to tackle a big subject and just end it like that, then that's a huge copout. Also the arm thing was also another big copout, and no, Finn having a thorn in his hand doesn't convince me the whole missing arm thing wasn't a copout, because it still feels like a copout.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Food Chain

He like it for it's visuals and animation, although he felt it was pointless since nothing about it will connect to the show, he likes the idea of guest animators, but would prefer if they had something to contribute to the show.

I definitely enjoyed this one too, it's pretty to look at, and that's all it needs to be. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on Furniture & Meat

He thought that it was a serviceable episode, and notes how it deals with the whole money issue. He does love the title and the money song.

I talked about this episode before back in the Season 5 Volume 2 blog in the Red Starved entry, the summary was basically it felt like a early season episode, whould have been nice if it didn't feel like one of the weaker ones, and was overall meh, and that one thing that irked me was Jake not facing reprecussion for the episode, but it's still watchable. 

Here's Doug's Vlog of The Prince Who Wanted Everything

Well Doug liked it okay, Jason however, not so much. Doug was still interested in the Fionna and Cake world, which is why he didn't minfd it so much, but Jason was pretty much tired of the world.

I thought it was meh, it's difinitely the weakest of the 3 Fionna and Cake episodes, even though Lumpy Space Prince was actually listenable thanks to having a different (and fun) voice, he still acts like Lumpy Space Princess.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Something Big

He thought it was really fun.

As for me, it's something big alright, a big load of okay (you thought I was gonna say s**t didn't you). I'll admit the whole scope of it did make for some fun scenes, but the whole thing was also still pretty rushed and that whole part with the elephant was a big load of pretentiousness. But whatever, a good watch I guess. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on Little Brother

He and Jason both thought that it was a cute and fun episode.

And I also thought it was cute and fun, in fact this episode reminded me about the early episodes of Adventure Time, and how enjoyable they are.

Also as of this vlog (which was probably recorded sometime ago), they were caught up with Adventure TIme, yes serveral episodes have already premiere and they'll probably cover that, but as of now, updates are gonna be less frequent.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Ocarina

Well they liked it.

As for me, I found it dumb and that it cared more about it's message rather than how much sense it would have made.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe!

They thought it was a fun episode

And I agree with them (I know, shocking!). It's definitely a good watch.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Princess Day

Surprised this was posted the same day he released a Nostalgia Critic episode, then again he did something similar before. And boy did they rip on it. Besides not liking LSP as usual and finding the Telma and Louise vibe not doing anything new, they thought this episode was pretty much mean.

I think this is the first time, they're much more harsher on an episode they I am. I just thought it wasn't very memorable.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Nemesis

Should be noted that he does make one error in recapping this episode, anyways apparently he didn't mind the meaness here as oppose to Princess Day.

I didn't like either, so whatever.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Joshua & Margaret Investigaions

They liked it.

I also mostly liked it, though I find how Jake came to be is BS.

And now they're caught up, and said they'll meet up every 5 episodes.