Greetings readers,

Even though Adventure Time Season 3 hasn't released on DVD and Blu-ray yet, Doug Walker has decided to vlog Season 3 of Adventure Time anyways. How you may ask? Umm.... internet

Anyways here's his vlog on Conquest of Cuteness

And yes people there really is an Adventure Time Everything Burrito Game

Everything Burrito

So yeah he pretty much nailed it, it's a ,for a lack of a better word, cute episode.

But apparently he still hasn't figured out Jake's parents adopted Finn.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Morti Te Salutamus

And yes it is Latin, Latin for "We, who are about to die, salute you!"

And they definitely got the episode pretty well (regardless of whether they knew the gladiators were gay, cause the theme of forcing to kill someone you loved regardless of relationship makes you enternally sad still fits).

Here's Doug's Vlog on Memory of A Memory

Here's a clearer picture of the book they were reading off of

Get on the Mic

You can get that on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, and any other store that has a book section if it's available.

Also somebody make some kind of clip show of Adventure Time scenes with Classic Movie Music playing in the background (ex. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.) 

So yeah, he liked this episode and got most of it... and finally realized Finn was adopted.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Hitman

I really liked Ice King in this episode too, however I do thing he's still some kind of villain. Yes he will never kill, but he does still do things for his own selfish needs, yes later on we find out it's because he has been corrupted by the crown, but it's still his actions. Basically you can sympathizes with him but still know when he's doing something wrong. Obviously here is was a mistake that he made and it was awesome.

So in other words, this Vlog was ACCEPTABLE!

Here's Doug's Vlog on Too Young


I've said before how I really don't like this episode, and I still don't, but I can accept other peoples viewpoints, and he gives an interesting viewpoint to say the least.

Also Lemongrab was pretty funny in most of this episode, too bad he gets more annoying in his next appearences.

Here's Doug's Vlog on The Monster

Well Doug, if you didn't really like this episode, then you're really not gonna like Gotcha, but that's still a season away.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Still

Not much to say..............................

Here's Doug's Vlog on Wizard Battle

Next up............ Fionna and Cake.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Fionna and Cake

He should start seeing Community, it's hilarious (and everyone whose reading this and hasn't seen Community should also start seeing it now!). Anyways this vlog was hilarious and has the best segway yet.

Here's Doug's Vlog on What Was Missing

This was a very interesting vlog, in it they had a great discussion about.... you know what, and talked about the two sides to that said thing. They also talk about how the show can be both interesting when it gives hints at stuff a little at a time and just fun if you just wanna laugh. Go ahead and check out the vlog.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Apple Thief

And his vlog on The Creeps

I was waiting fot the Blip links to pop up, but for some strange reason they haven't. 

He pretty much explains everything well.

After a long time, the vlogs are back.

The reason being was because Jason was sick

But anyways, here's Doug's Vlog on From Bad to Worse

PS: they got a plush of the snail in the background.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Beautopia

Here's Doug's Vlog on No One Can Hear You

What time is it? Nightmare Fuel Time!

Here's Doug's Vlog on Jake vs Me-Mow

The bus ride for Me-Mow's return is very long!

Here's Doug's Vlog on Thank You

You're Welcome

He also did a vlog for the short The Wand

This link takes you to both

Here's Doug's Vlog on The New Frontier

As anyone ever cosplayed as The Cosmic Owl? That would be pretty interesting to see.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Holly Jolly Secrets Part I

Yes, it's building up to something VERY BIG!

Here's Doug's Vlog on Holly Jolly Secrets Part II


(Also I'm pretty sure he'll get a lot of needless backlash over the whole "It was the glasses thing", but he's partially right, Finn knows it carries things that very personal to the Ice King, whether the Ice King knew it or not.)

Here's Doug's Vlog on Marceline's Closet

Here's Doug Vlog on Paper Pete

Honestly, I prefer that idea they had for a dark Sesame Street episode than Peter Pete.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Another Way



Here's Doug's Vlog on Ghost Princess

Also here's a "PSA" Doug posted about the whole Ice King glasses issue

If you're one of those people that really took offense to that whole vlog really really far, all I have to say is MST3K Mantra: "It's just a show, I really should just relax."

Also this link takes you to both videos

Here's Doug's Vlog on Dad's Dungeon

Lots of good points are brought up here, go check it out.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Incendium

Incendium is Latin for fire, the owl from Clash of the Titans is Bubo, and that little fire creature thing is Flambo.

Anyways they did a great summary on this episode. 

That ends Season 3 and only now did I realized I spelled Adventure wrong in the title. D'oh