Greetings fellow readers,

Wow Doug has gone through 4 and a half seasons already, considering he started these vlogs way back in October 2013, he has been doing this for eight months now. Anyways with that in mind, I have no idea whether I should continue doing this by the time he gets to Season 6, because chances are it won't be done and I'll have to make sure the talk page doesn't lock as we wait and so on and so forth. Meh, I'll worry about that later, for now I shall do this blog a tad differently then from the other blogs, along with the summary of his thoughts, I shall also chime in my thoughts on the episodes they are vlogging.

Anyways here's Doug's Vlog on Jake Suit

He like it and found it funny, and considering there wasn't much else to talk about, he talked about people who still lived with their parents and something about the job market that you all should check out.

I also liked this episode, but I still find Finn jumping into the volcano came out of nowhere.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Be More

He found it to be a lot of fun and was intrigued that BMO kinda got a back story.

Personally, while I did find it cute, I can't help but not ignore the huge smog of pretentiousness steaming from this episode. Seriously, what's the point of giving BMO a backstory that makes it more important than it needs to be. BMO didn't need a backstory, BMO is just BMO. And is this backstory seriously needed, cause I don't really think so. But that's just me. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on Sky Witch

He thought it was a lot of fun and really liked the chemistry from PB and Marceline.

And I have nothing to add, that's pretty much how I feel as well. That said, you all should really check out the vlog, cause it was pretty funny as well, esp. around the end.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Frost & Fire

He liked everything about the episode except for Finn, which he thought was out of character for him, and he knows the angle it was trying to pull, but he still felt it was off.

And yeah I agree with him for the most part, I did find the episode fun to watch, but yeah Finn, whether going thru teenage things or not, was still pretty out of character. And if I may add, they ended the relationship too early, I mean that from chronological standpoint, cause FP breaking up with Finn in this episode was completely justified, but there weren't enough episodes in my mind that had featured the two together to at least have a bigger impact. That said check out the vlog, cause they have a wonderful conversation about the voice acting, mostly pretaining to Tom Kenny.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Too Old

By the sound of it, he didn't like the episode, he didn't like how the retreading of old waters on Finn's part played out, he felt that it was out of character and also felt emotionless, and he would have liked some kind of hint of emotion. He also didn't like Lemongrab in this episode, he found his delivery was predictable, thus making it annoying, and that he became very unlikable in contrast to the past.

I have already said before I really don't like this episode, and I still don't like this episode. I found this episode didn't have a focus, and if it did, it was out of focus, on top of that, Finn is still very out of character even if that's point, it doesn't flow well. Also the whole Lemonhope thing still feels like it came out of nowhere. On top of that, it felt needlessly dark. It was just a mess in my opinion.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Earth & Water

He liked it fine, but he did think that it was a bit too crowded with it's story and also found Cinnamon Bun grating.

Personally, when I first saw this, I had no idea how to feel. After some time thinking about it, it's fine but it's also disappointing. I really expected this "trilogy" of episodes to close out on a stronger note, turns out the only episode I consider strong from this "trilogy" was Frost & Fire. But whatever, I have no problem viewing it. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on TIme Sandwich

He found to be a fun waste of time (FWOT?, I guess DWOT and FWOT are now interchangable terms.)

Yeah, I found it funny, I thought people may have overvalued it's funniness, but it was still funny.

Here's Doug's Vlog on The Vault

He really liked it, he loves episodes that explore past lives and really like how much was revealed in this episode while still being entertaining, and stories like these open up new doors (too bad this is still the only past lives episode so far.)

I"m pretty I made a blog about it in which I praised it, and I still enjoy this episode a lot. I'll give it credit that it gives PB more character, but I still don't like her because she can get really unlikable at times. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on Love Games

Doug found it to be fun, he also liked that they haven't just swept the whole split with FP under the rug, and Jason found it okay.

I thought it was a nice episode, not very noteworthy, but it's watchable.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Dungeon Train

He found it be pretty solid, but questioned the ending, after much discussion, he guesses it makes sense.

Yeah, I like this episode as well, but they could have transitioned the ending better.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Box Prince

He found it cute but he also found it to be stupid and a tad boring.

He pretty much sumed it up, cat lovers would really like this, but there isn't much else to it, check out the vlog though, cause it's pretty funny, plus you'll get more of the cat. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on Red Starved

He found it ehh, as not much really happens and there weren't a lot of huge laughs, he also doesn't know how Finn's color blindness would work considering some events on previous episodes (yes I'm surprised he remembered that far, also can someone explain that type of color blindness).

Before I talk about this episode, I want to talk about Furniture & Meat, and don't worry it'll tie back to this episode, that episode felt like an episode from an earlier season, which isn't a bad thing at all, but it felt like a weak entry from the earlier seasons, there were some laughs but it was meh overall, but one thing that grips me was how Jake was pretty causing all the troubles in the Wildberry Kingdom, which isn't bad in itself cause it lead to some good jokes, but when he never got proper punishment for it within the episode (cause remember, BMO saved them), I was like really?!? I know they weren't gonna get killed, but I would have liked to have seen I don't know some random deer kicking him in the butt later. And in Red Starved, Jake also pretty much caused all the trouble that had happened and never got proper karmaic punishment for it, at least with Finn in Jake Suit, when Finn just jumped into the volcano, karma sent him the creepy clown nurses, otherwise, not much else to say about this episode.

PS: Fanart of the Ice King as the Mad Hatter...... NOW!

Here's Doug's Vlog on We Fixed A Truck

He found it hilarious.

I did too, not much else to say. Weird Al Rules! 

Here's Doug's Vlog on Play Date

He found it okay and liked the feeling it had of someone sleeping over and the surprise ending.

I personally didn't like it, mostly because I didn't find it amusing. Yeah, that ending was a nice surprise, but it doesn't redeem it for me. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on The Pit

He found it to be very fun.

I did too, let I'll like to discuss some points they discussed in the vlog, 1. I didn't find the turtle thing explosion to be funny, that was off to me, and 2. I think Joshua is awesome, maybe he is a "product of his time", but godammit he can kick ass. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on James

He didn't like it, he felt that there were too many plothole (big example: Jake) and didn't seem like it was the only way, he also felt it was kind of cruel and mean in a sense. He also found James annoying, even if it was intentional. And finally, he felt whatever message it was trying to get out wasn't executed properly and didn't call for it.

And yes, I don't like this episode either, in fact, I REALLY hate it. But Doug has already stated the problems, so there there's no need for me to go on a long winded rant. I'll just add my goodness James was annoying, oh and I also hate James II, but that's a rant for another time.

PS: Doug is currently on a short vacation, as confirmed on his Facebook page, so there may or may not be a brief time where there won't be Adventure Time Vlogs in a while (yes he did pre-record some stuff beforehand, but he also has some other priorties to get back on when he comes back, hopefully the wait won't be too long, but I can't predict the future.), in the meantime, I would really like for conversations to start opening up in the comments section. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on Root Beer Guy

He really enjoyed and really liked how the episode was always interesting even with an average guy as it's main focus.

I really like it too. Anyways, check out the vlog, cause it's pretty hilarious.

PS: Doug is back from his vacation, as confirmed on his Facebook page. 

Here's Doug's Vlog on Apple Wedding

He liked it, but he does sort of question the whole King of Ooo thing, Jason suggested it was like a cult thing.

Personally, I found it meh, for one I thought it was really stupid at times, plus I don't care much for Tree Trunks, I don't mind her though.

PS: Doug gets the award for Best Fan Theory of the Week, in which he suggests that after apocalyse, anything that was now living assumed princesses were the norm because of all the princess media that was left behind.

Also, Happy Fourth of July Everyone (that lives in America)!

Here's Doug's Vlog on Blade of Grass

He liked it, it provided a good set up for his new sword, which he also likes.

I also like this episode, there were parts thst irked me, but I still enjoyed it.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Rattleballs

He thought it was a fun episode, although he does bring up details that kinda bother him in the vlog.

Yeah, I thought this episode was pretty awesome.

Next tim...............ah Fudge.

Here's Doug's Vlog on The Red Throne

He noticed that it was slow and clumsy, and he makes it clear Cinnamon Bun transition made no sense, but he preferred that Cinnamon Bun over the moronic one. He also noted that whole teenage thing could and should be done better. Jason felt this episode was rushed and made some good points though-out the vlog (for example: Cinnamon Bun could punch the subjects and not Finn?) and just felt it was salt in the wound and was just making Finn stupid and Cinnamon Bun better at that point.

Yeah, I pretty much think this episode sucked, the vlog already addresses more than it needs to, so I suggest you all go watch it (PS: Jori's back).

Here's Doug's Vlog on Betty

A lot of good points have been brought up on this vlog, so as always, I suggest you watch it. Anyways, Doug liked even though a lot of stuff was thrown and Jason found it okay, but had more complaints about it.

As for me,.......... well ... it definitely has substance, but most of it just seemed to flow way too quickly and definitely wasn't paced the way it needed to be. But I have no problem watching it.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Bad Timing

First off, let me just say I was surprised he posted the vlog today, mainly because on his site, I saw he did a Shut Up And Talk, and he usually doesn't post 2 of his own videos on the same day, so that was a nice surprise. As for the vlog, he had to see some parts again to fully get it, and after that was settled, he found that the outer time layer definitely added a level of uniqueness to it, but he found the overall story to be meh. He hopes that time layer idea could be used again in a more interesting adventure, like one involving Finn and Jake trying to escape it as they see what's happening though the circle (that idea sounds awesome IMO BTW).

I personally am not really fond of it. I definitely liked the little gags that were going on the outer layer, but never cared for the LSP story that was happening, I'll admit seeing Johnnie in the outer layer is kinda clever in a way, but the whole delivery felt kinda pretenious to me.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Lemonhope Part 1

He's half and half on it. For one, he did enjoy the dreamlike imagery that was going on in the episode, but, he found Lemonhope was rather annoying during the moments where he spoke. He also noted this was set up for the next part (obviously). (Though it raises the question of why he didn't just review both parts at the same time, but whatever). 

I don't like either part, but for now let's stick to Part 1. I'll give this episode credit that it's definitely atmospheric, but at the same time it was also extremely pretenious, most of the symbolisms are pretty obvious and it's happening to a character we don't care about and weren't given a reason for us to root for him. I'll get more into it when the second part comes.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Lemonhope Part 2

He is again half and half on it, he points out again that the dream sequences are nice, and he also notes that there's material here that can be strong, but all of it is bogged down by Lemonhope, who just isn't an interesting or likable character. Basically "The story of Moses, if Moses was a jerk."

Oh boy, I've already read the comments on the site, but guess what, I agree with Doug, he hit the hammer in the head. And before any of you point out making Lemonhope a jerk was point, I'll just tell you this, ok so that was the point, but guess what, it still sucks. There's a reason why we make characters who go on grand adventures interesting, and if you're gonna decontruct that, then it should have been done better, cause it's possible to decontruct a type of story and still make the character interesting. So in my books, regardless of it cool imagery, Lemonhope Parts1 and 2 are still extremely pretenious and stupid.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Billy's Bucket List

He definitely liked it, he really liked how laid back it was compare to the last 5 episodes and that it's a good breather, and he also really like the end at how it just drops some big news.

Yeah, I really like too. It was a nice episode that was pretty cool and gave a great segway for the next episode, which happen to be the season premiere.

So that's it for Season 5 Volume 2, and I've decided, I am gonna continue these for Season 6, I'll talk more about it on my next blog.