Greetings fellow readers,

Finally after being gone for so long due to multiple things, Doug is back to vlogging Adventure Time, in fact, it been so long that he got new website: and all of those previous links I've placed thoughout this whole journey, yeah they're useless now. But luckily, all the vlogs are under a tag on the new website: some episodes might not be there due to many of them being mass tagged when the new site was created, mistakes were probably made, in which case I don't know. It's also been so long that the original blog for Season 6 had the comment section locked, and since I want this to have discussions, I've created this new one. I'm still sticking to my word about making this the last season I make a blog about Doug's thought, if someone wants to pick up the slack after that, they're more than welcome. 

Anyways, here's Doug's Vlog on Ghost Fly

He found it alright

I found it alright, not much to say.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Everything's Jake

He also found this one alright

I honestly found this one kinda dull. It's an interesting concept, but I felt not enough was there, at least for me.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Is That You?

Well they both found it fun.

As for me,.............. (deep breath) those that have been reading these since day 1 would know I haven't been in good standing with the show as of late, and this is yet another example of why. Much like Finn getting his arm back, I find bringing back Prismo to be pointless. No it's not as insulting as Breezy, at least to me, but to me just highlights how the crew never thought thinks thru for anything. This would probably ignite a flame war in the comments, but that's just my opinion on the matter.\

Update: Remember when I said all the past links were useless..... well not exactly, all the past thatguywiththeglasses links are useless but all the Blip links still probably work and he has been uploading them on the Blip page as well.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Jake the Brick

Doug just absolutely loved it, though given his preference for slower things, it's not really a surprised (heck he liked the first Hobbit movie)

I enjoyed it too, but the beginning was pointless, the rest of the episode however was fascinating. I would say it's one of the better ones this season, although I haven't really been kind to this season, it's a good view regardless.

Here's Doug's Vlog on Dentist

He found brizzare, but enjoyed it

I thought it was a cool concept, but by God, I found Tiffany annoying in this one.

Here's Doug's Vlog on The Cooler

He found it okay.

It was meh for me.





Here's the one to The Pajama War

He thought it was okay

I'm more meh about it

(Fun Fact: He forgot he recorded this one previously)

Here's the one to Evergeen

He liked it, makes cringey jokes how it's only been a week, and cringyly tries to think if Evergreen and Simon were related.

I..... found it alright

Here's the one to Astral Plane

I honestly don't care what he thought

I thought this episode was a pretentious load of crap.

Here's the one for Gold Stars

He thought it was fine (thou please stop making theories Doug, they're cringy)

I thought whatever, I honestly didn't like the kid's voice.

Here's the one for The Visitor

They rambled for 25 minutes about this.

Honestly, I stopped caring around this point, this episode was mostly a bore to me.

Here's the one for The Mountain

It certainly was trippy. 

Though it involved Lemongrab, and I don't care for him much.

Here's the one for Dark Purple

Jason looks way too deep into this

I thought it was fine.

Here's the one for The Diary

Doug pretty much hits the nail

Personally, I can never see how people would get suck into basic teen angst, also TV was funnier when he was named Tina.

Here's the one for Walnuts & Rain

Stop trying to look for lessons in everything Doug, not everything has to have a lesson.

Whatever, it's alright, I don't care.

Here's the one for Friends Forever

Still looking for lessons that aren't there huh Doug?

Usually, I'm a fan of Ice King doing stupid things, but I just found this humorless.

Here's the one for Jermaine

Yeah the episode was weird.

Too bad it was also unfunny as heck, probably my personally opinion, but AT really took a nosedive in humor.

Here's the one for Chips and Ice Cream

Doug and Jason have literal chips and ice cream

Seriously this episode was pointless, even among pointless episodes, it was pointless.

Here's the one for Graybles 1000+

You know what, I should post a long thought as to way I don't like, it's about I posted a rant: There's a reason shows rarely touch on the future. And from this episode, I may not have gotten a lot of info, but I got enough to the point there is no reason for me to care about any upcoming events or whatevers from this show. The Earth is still there (which is why the Comet arc is fucking stupid), the Ice King is never cure (so no reason for me to care about their efforts to try to cure him), and Marceline is probably still a vampire (which is why the Stakes miniseries was stupid). As for the characters that have passed on (like Finn and Jake), I can presume they lived happy lives and succeeded in whatever world-ending events they faced during their lives, since you know, the world is still there, as PB still has a firm grasp on her kingdom, even when she's supposedly gone (which is why her losing her kingdom to KoO was fucking stupid). So yeah, to me, all I get from this is that there's nothing for me to care about Adventure Time, since it's world will just keep on going, in a depressing state, but again, that just adds to my whole non-caring demeanor. And fanboys will probably attack this like, you know, fanboys for every show, but you know what, I don't care, you're free to keep enjoying your show, and if criticism hurts you, grow a backbone.

(Probably didn't help that the episode was unfunny as hell)