Greetings fellow readers,

I am well aware that Sky Witch already premiered a week ago, and that there's a new episode coming out today called Frost & Fire (which I'm looking forward to), but I wanted to try out this new review style and I didn't know how implement it, well now I do, and I would like feedback as to how you liked it, if I should continue doing them, or how to improve them. Basically I'll put clips of what I thought for select sences from the episode and say my overall thought at the end.

And so let's start the review of Sky Witch:

- When I saw the cat clock:

- When PB was heavliy sniffing the rock shirt:

- When PB was fighting the "sleepy time" and everyone else fell asleep:

- The idea Marcy needed PB's help:

- The idea you have to be calm to get though a wall:

- When we see Hambo talk:

- Reaction to PB's comment on Raggady Princess:

- I may not be remembering this right, but it's when PB went though the "water" in order to get to the sky?:

- When PB was looking for the right room to enter:

- Marcy and Crabbit fight:

- When Maja appeared:

- When Marcy finally got Hambo back: Couldn't a good reaction video, let's just say I was happy

- When we learn that PB traded her shirt just to get Hambo back to Marcy:

- When Maja rips a piece of the shirt:

- When Maja was punishing the Crabbit for wanting to leave:

- The whole episode in general: and I mean that in a good way

Overall, I really liked this episode, there were parts where I felt were rushed but PB and Marceline play off each other really well, and we again see PB make sacafices to make people happy.

I also understand this episode will go though a lot of shipping goggles, and if you don't ship PB/Marcy, I can respect that, as long as you're not homophobic about. If you are homophobic about it, well:

Again if you liked it, let me know, if you didn't, well......okay, if you want to suggest a way to improve it, let me know as well.