5/20 Update Part 2

I told you there was nothing to fear, fandoms always seen to overreact to little stuff, I knew he wasn't gonna be a recurring character when CN didn't try to troll us and I was right. Here's what I got.

- Man, how dark can PepBut get.

- One suitor waited for 300 YEARS! I'm not sure if it's even for the same princess all those years, but that's still a long time! Another question: WHAT'S PB'S REAL AGE?, cause remembering that flashback from Princess Cookie, it sure ain't 18 (though 18 is her "biological age"). 

- Admitably, you gotta feel bad for Braco, he was raised to court the princess since childhood and went on a dangerous quest to just impress her, nothing seemed to work, but he gets his happy ending........ in a way.

- "That road leads to nowhere."- Finn, you're damn right Finn, you're damn right. Also this means he may still have feelings for her, but he knows it's no use trying.

- While PB has developed a lot as a character, I have to say her knowledge for science has really been flanderized from being great at science to being OBSESSED with science. 

- Man, that Shadow Demon Magic is powerful stuff, when you say you want to be a walking love magnet, you attract ANYONE, I supposed it worked on CB too since he went "Who's that?" and not scream in mortal terror.

- So she builts a robot version of her just for him, see science always has the answer.

- The ending threw me off a bit (cause I plan to do a new blog regarding her sexual orientation, but I'll wait till the season ends), but PepBut gladly reminded me it's the Shadow Demon Magic talking.

Well there you have it, that was an awesome episode thru and thru. Though I kinda have to say I enjoyed today's new Regular Show a little bit better, just my opinion though. Anyways, what did you think of the episode and what did you notice that I didn't.


5/20 Update Part 1

Well...... today's the day, got my handy dandy notebook ready and two final notes before it premieres.

- Has no one seriously been able to identify Braco's voice actor?

- I was right, there was gonna be a song in this episode....... Key Word: Was. Apparently they didn't have enough time to put the song in the episode, but I was still right.

There you have it, now go get your popcorn ready!

5/18 Update

Curse You Comics Continuum! I really wanted the weekend off! Anyways CC released a 30 sec sneak peek of The Suitor: And now for my points on it.

- Apparently it wasn't all PepBut's idea, the Gumball Guardians were the ones that made PepBut try to find a suitor.

- Even the Gumball Guardians know PepBut has dark secrets.

- "The Candy Kingdom worries for it's leader"- Gumball Guardian. Well I think the Candy Kingdom should be more worried about the fact that you can't beat a FRICKING HAT!

- Well all those old suitors have been waiting a long time to court the princess. Which raises the question....... HOW OLD IS PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM?!?

Well NOW, at this point, unless the episode is leaked, I won't be updating Sunday. Have a nice weekend everyone!

5/17 Update

Well........ here's the promo art and now for my notes about it. 

- It looks REALLY GOOD!

- It's two gardeners cutting a topiary of the suitor himself, Braco. They had a cameo in the beginning of the 15 second preview, maybe they'll appear again in the episode.

- It's storyboarded by Jesse Moynihan & Thomas Wellmann. 

- I'm not sure if the 7:45pm premiere is a mistake or if it's really premiering at that time, usually episode premiere at 7:30pm. 

Well NOW that's all the points I'm gonna make from now till the episode premieres, make sure to check back here after the premiere as I'll give my opinions on the episode. Oh, and also to see how everyone's theories worked out. 


5/16 Update

(In Professor Farmsworth's voice) Good News Everyone! (back to normal voice) I finally saw the short preview for The Suitor, and I have some more notes to make.

- Apparently the guy's name is spelled Braco not Brocko

- Finn and Jake were spotted in PB's lab, don't be surprised if they're not there for long, after all they're not the focus of this episode. 

- PB seemed disinterested in calling Brocko a suitor, I'll give the reason later.

- Finn admittably acted unusual when he heard PB had a suitor, which is not surprising, I mean he may have a girlfriend now, but he's had a crush on this girl for sometime before finally getting with Flame Princess, so awkwardness is normal behavior and not signs his current relationship is not going well. Apparently he's think they're dating, when in reality, join me in the next point.

- SHE"S USING BRACO AS A LAB RAT. So there's no need to worry about her getting with this guy as far as I'm concerned.

There you have it, between now and the episode premiere, the only update I'll make is if this episode gets a promo art, none beyond that. After the episode premieres, I'll give you my thoughts and how my (and everyone else's) theories worked out.  

5/15 Update

Nothing new to report, but I did wanted to make two more notes and a special non- Adventure Time note. 

- Someone identify the voice actor for Brock/Rocko (Brocko), if it's a special guest star, the likelihood of him being a one shot or character that would return some seasons later increases.

- I don't think he's someone in disguise, but he could be an informant of somekind.

-- Special Note: To any Adventure Time fans who also watch Regular Show, I like to inform you Thomas is finally getting a major appearence since "Starter Pack", not that the season has been bad or anything, but at least they are finally remembering to develop a character they recently introduced............ why does this sound familar?......., now if only they gave Hi-Five Ghost some attention.  

5/14 Update

Just saw the 30 second preview, and here are my thoughts

- Cartoon Network still thinks PB was in love with Finn.........LOLOLOLOLOL

- Were all of those people waiting in line princes or just regular candy people? And judging by how they look (if they are princes), no wonder PB doesn't take interest in looking for a prince like a stereotypical princess. 

- The prince or regular suitor this episode will focus on is the only decent looking suitor, Brocko..... I think, first time I saw it I thought he said Rocko........'s Mordern Life (sorry I had to)

- No Finn or Jake in the preview, they probably won't play a important role

- Sounds like Cartoon Network wasn't even trying to troll us in this preview, they may have already told us how it's gonna end..... unless that's part of the troll........... Nah!

- WTF was that thing (B)Rocko was wearing, and why did he toss it?

- Sounds like Theory 2 and 4 are truer than I thought (probably Theory 3 too, but you know CN won't say that)

- Oh and One Last Job apparently premiered in the TV sets of our neighbor to the north, HOW COME NONE OF YOU UPLOADED THE EPISODE YET?

- This does indeed look like The Suitor gonna be a fun episode......  and I'm still waiting on more theories.

Greetings everyone, I'm the TheAntTony and this here is my first blog.

Well it's official, two weeks from now*, Princess Bubblegum will be getting a "love interest". And this has the fandom going insane with thier ships, with Fubblegummers going "But who's gonna be with him when he and Flame Princess break up**" and Bubbliners going "NO, PB and Marcy should work out thier differences". Well I decided I should calm this fanbase and list out all the possible outcomes that could happen in "The Suitor"

Theory 1: PB has no idea she was being courted whatsoever and marches on (HEY, it wouldn't be OOC.)

Theory 2: PB thanks the guy for being nice to her, but tells him it wouldn't work out.

Theory 3: Same as Theory 2, but with her outright stating she's a lesbian (Probably unlikely but in a world where it's okay for Mrs. Puff to outright state she wanted to murder Spongebob, I would see no problem with this.)

Theory 4: She calls out the guy for trying to woo her Disney-style (you know, with as little time to fall in love as possible.)

Theory 5: PB thanks the guy and tells him to meet up again.

Theory 6: My least favorite but still valid and possible, they do end up together (Though it's also unlikely since it's more in-character for her to call people out, as stated in Theory 4)

Keep in mind, I have no idea if Finn and Jake are gonna play a major role in this episode (from the looks of it, probably not). So those are unaccounted variables.

Now for my expectations:

- Being funny

- Provide a great amount of insight in PB and PepBut's history

- Possible subtext

- Paroding Disney and their illogical measure of getting someone to fall in love with another person with as little time as possible. 

- Hey, maybe a Disney-style musical number to along with it.

- And for it to be a memorable episode no matter what happens.

Feel free to add your own theories and expectations in the comments below.

As for today........ enjoy James Baxter the Horse. And next week, enjoy Shh!    

  • At least according to TV Guide, because originally it was suppose to be next Monday, but no, Cartoon Network decided: 

Executive 1: "You know what let's hold this for another week, I'm sure they won't mind"

Executive 2: "But what will we replaced it with?"

Executive 1: "Shh! of course"

Executive 2: "But what about One Last Job"

Executive 1: "Nah, let's save that for June."


    • They ain't breaking up, OKAY!