I am offended at how little blogs there about The Vault!

Seriously! Does no one want to talk about this episode?

I mean so much was reveled in this episode, and the episode itself was pretty darn good.

Season 5 Volume 2 has been interesting thus far, quick recap of each episode (with my opinions, which again you don't have to agree with, but at the same time shouldn't try to force me to like it (or vice versa)).

Jake Suit: Hilarious, but that random volcano jump still irritates me.

Be-More: Started off meh okay, but definitely got better by the end.

Sky Witch: Awesome.

Frost & Fire: Way too overhyped by CN, but still pretty good.

Too Old: I didn't like this episode at all, reasons why are for another time.

Earth & Water: Still don't know how to feel for this episode, but the conclusion was great for Flame Monarch (there gender neutral term so internet fights don't start.)

Time Sandwich: I didn't find it all that hilarious, go ahead bite me, there were still funny moments and it was alright.

Now here's a recap for The Vault (Spoilers Ahead): 

Finn has been experiencing night terrors because of the Ghost Lady way back when from the The Creeps. So Jake decides to get a regression simulator to help Finn visit

Editor's Note: Finn watching B-MO can so be a great start to a Youtube Video Fad, I would start it myself, but I don't know how to edit videos, I don't know, 1 example could be him watching this instead: another could be him watching this instead: or this instead: or.... do you get the idea?

Anyways, Finn begins to see his past lives (Just go with it). It includes A Comet, A Butterfly, A Piece of **** (or a Wad of Gum, your call) and Shoko, the lady that kept haunting Finn dreams (though that begs the question why would she haunt him if she is him?.... Whatever.) Anyways we first see her with a tiger and a missing right arm (OK we get it, Finn is gonna lose his arm, just get it over with, (using an outside example) we didn't get that much foreshadowing when Luke Skywalker lose his hand and it was still emotional.)

They were heading to meet up with the Bath Boy Gang, who wanted An Amulet and that if she didn't get it, she would have been killed.

Anyways, Shoko heads up to the Candy Kingdom when it was still being built, with Princess Bubblegum as the leader....... this look like it was taking place hundreds of years ago, so yeah, shocking yet not so shocking at the same time, cause they alluded that she was older than she looked before.

Shoko pretends she was beaten up by the Bath Boy Gang as Princess Bubblegum takes her in, there PB learns of Shoko's story and tells her that parents shouldn't be like that and that parents should care for their children, she explains that all her Candy Citizens are like her children, except for Mr. Creampuff, who is like her boyfriend (that's not how relationships, he either is or is isn't, also that seemed like an interesting callback to the first episode that premiered cause 1. Candy People don't seem to explode when scared anymore (see James Baxter the Horse) 2. Jake was seen eating chocolate ice cream in The Pods and 3. That line wasn't even in the original storyboard).

Editor's Note: That still doesn't eliminate my PB is a closeted homosexual headcanon.

And so Shoko and Pb form a friendship, while considering staying in the Candy Kingdom, a Bath Boy spy threatens that he'll tell The Boss that she quit (which of course whould get her killed), so she pretends to beat up the spy and gets praise from PB, from there, they go and built the Gumball Guardians (Which to this day I still think are utterly useless, if they were more like Benson from Regular Show, then they would be more useful.) PB then surprises Shoko with a gift, A Robotic Arm to replaced the one she lost.

This of course conflicts Shoko as she knows she needs to steal the amulet but at the same time is touched by PB's kindness, but she needs to go though with the mission. As soon as the Gumball Guardian leaves for a second, Shoko sneaks in to steal the amulet, but as soon as she steals it, she gets blasted by the Gumball Guardian and falls into the toxic river. PB orders the GGs to rescue her, but the toxic melted their arm, meaning they can't rescue her.

And so ends the regression simulator, as soon as it ends, Finn decides to call PB, who answers in a German accent.

Editor's Note: I can't believe no one has brought this up. While it's true Princess Bubblegum knows German because her voice actress Hynden Walch knows German, it actually makes sense for PB to know German when you consider the contributions the Germans have brought to science.

We then get another scene with Shoko, who leaves the toxic in the Ghost Lady form, she then dies under a still growing tree that would one day be the Tree Fort (also keep in mind that was also Marceline's home for a while). 

As soon as PB arrives, Finn makes his amends from his past life by giving her the amulet that was buried under the ground of the tree fort. He also states that PB isn't 19, she's like a bazillion years old....... weirdo. And so The Vault feels lighter and presumingly stops his night terrors.

Like I said before, I liked this episode and it reveled a lot info. Feel free to discuss the episode in the comments with any other things you have noted from watching the episode.