8/12 Later Update

This about sums up the end of the episode:

OK OK, it was a little less dramatic then that, but like I said before, he would have realized he needed Flame Princess back.

I want to say I liked the episode, but I really didn't, but it doesn't make it bad, it had it heart in the right places. But Lemongrab was way too irritating, nevertheless it did a great job to make you feel bad for the Lemon people, and gives hope to that small Lemon kid, Lemon............something. 

As for Finn, he has realized the older people get, the more mature they have to be, I guess.

Also Lemongrab has officially screamed the title of 4 of the 6 episodes he appeared in.  

And there's my review..... I guess. 

8/12 Update

Today's the day, I'll have a review of this episode after it finishes.

So stay tuned. 

8/10 Update

So we got a new preview to show:

I have no idea where it's from, but it's a preview nevertheless.

It shows that most of the Lemon creations have grown up...... rather quickly. It also shows Lemongrab 2 is still alive with his lower part missing and half his face missing as well.

Anyways stay tune for the next update. 

8/9 Update

Well got confirmation that the Lemons part was a pun:

And here's my response to it:

I still think LemonHerpich and LemonWolfhard would have been a better joke.

Anyways, still looking forward to the episode, stay tuned for the next update. 

8/8 Update

Jake: "What Time is it?"

Bender: "Time for you to Shut Up!"

Aahh, that cameo was priceless

Anyways, we have a promo art, here it is:

There are a lot of Lemon people, and I also saw a broken Lemongrab staff, who know what's gonna happen in this episode. Also I notice Lemons next to Herpich & Wolfhard. Not sure if it's a pun or there really is someone whose last name is Lemons. Gotta ask an Adventure Time staff that.

Anyways stay tune for my next update, it would probably be for a Comic Continuum preview, if there is one. 

8/7 Update

Nothing new to report on Too Old, but did you here about Finn and Jake making an appearence on Futurama


I'm pretty sure it's only gonna be a cameo, but it's still cool, now all that needs to be done is having the Adventure Time Crew make a couch gag for The Simpsons. 

Back to Too Old, as you can tell, the title is similar to Too Young (which I still hate). I imagine there'll be references to it, heck it even has Lemongrab in it. Also we'll find out if Lemongrab 2 is dead or not in this episode, my theory is that he gets spit out of Lemongrab, but who knows.

And again, like I said before, there won't be any hooking up of any kind.

Also there shouldn't be any irrational Finn hate. Remember, he's a teenager, he makes mistakes.  

Also I made that idea I had yesterday into a meme, so all of you can share:

If you want to, of course.

8/6 Later Update

Well I got nothing to report, however I would like to share this idea I had after watching Frost & Fire, basically I'm parapharsing one of my favorite Spongebob songs and making it fit with the end of Frost & Fire


FP, now I know I was wrong


I messed up, and now your gone Flame_Princess_Frost_and_Fire_I-I_need_some_time_alone%21.png FP, I'm sorry I neglected you


Oh, I never expected you to run away


And leave me feeling this empty


Your laughter right now would sound like music to me


Please come back, 'cause I miss you FP


FP come back (background singers)

FP come back

FP come back (background singers)


FP, can't you see I was blind


I'll do anything to change your mind


More than a chick


You're my girlfriend


Too hot to forget


Come back 'cause we're like family Vlcsnap-2013-08-06-18h40m17s0.png

And forgive me for making you wanna roam


And now my heart is beating like the saddest metronome


Somewhere I hope you're reading my latest three word poem

FP come back


FP come back (background singers)

FP come back

FP come back (background singers)


FP come back 

FP come back (background singers)

FP come back 

FP come back (background singers)



FP, come back 

FP, come back


FP, won't you come back (END)

I like to imagine Finn sang this after the end of Frost & Fire. 

In case you were wondering which Spongebob song I was paraphasing, it's this one:

It's from the episode "Have You Seen This Snail?", the majority of the song was played in the episode, but not all of it, I used all of it. 

Anyways, see you next update. 

Greetings fellow readers,

Remember my first blog: The Suitor Theories and Expectations? Well guess what, I'm gonna do something like that again! This time with the episode "Too Old". And last I checked the Cartoon Network schedule, they pulled the old switcharoo once again, replacing "Time Sandwich" with "Too Old", and this is why I don't trust MSN when it comes to releasing which episodes are gonna premiere. Much like "The Suitor", this is having the fandom a buzzing with their ships, but again I tell you to fear not. Why? Cause again if Princess Bubblegum didn't hook up in "The Suitor", what makes you think she'll hook up here? 

I should also address Finn's situation here (esp. since he's my favorite character in the show (I don't care what that fan polling of favorite characters says, Finn should be up there, not near the bottom)). Okay, he "broke up" with Flame Princess, and as the preview is setting up, he'll try to rebound with PB. Now this is NOT Character Derailment, this is actually pretty realistic. Here's why, Finn is at a young age, and he doesn't know what to do after a break up, and he thinks that trying to hook up with his previous crush, PB, might solve that, but of course we probably already know it won't, for various reasons (one of which being PB is either asexual or a closeted homosexual, and ever since "Sky Witch" premiered, I've been leaning on the latter).

So here are my theories (ranging from realistic to bat-s**t crazy)

- He'll learn at the end he needs to get back with Flame Princess.

- PB comes out of the closet. (probably won't happen, but can't fault someone for suggesting something).

- Lemongrab does something crazy. (actually that's usually a fact). 

- Finn gets knocked out and encounters personified versions of his brain and heart (this was my bat-s**t crazy idea).

And here are my expectations

- Funny

- And Awkward

- And trolling Fubblegummers 

- And Lemongrab still being his annoying self

Well there you go, I would like to know what theories and expectations you have. And like my last one, I'll update it as more info comes.