7/1 Update

Greetings fellow readers and welcome to my review

And you know I what I thought about this episode, you really wanna know what I thought about this, you really really wanna know I thought about this episode. I THOUGHT THIS EPISODE WAS....... meh.

First let's see what questions were answered

1. Let's just assume it's a plot device.

2. I'll just assume he was just taken there

3. That wasn't answer, but they do turn non-magic users into sticks if they're found impersonating wizards.

4. I guess not

5. Apparently it works, they were able to actually fool these magic users who should have the senses to indicate who's a wizard and who isn't a wizard into thinking they were wizards..... temporary.... you see the problem here?

6. Well she barely encountered the wizards who were there. 

7. Well she "torture" the Ice King to cough up the password, so he had an idea what she was gonna do.

8. Yes and No, she knows magic exists, but she thinks magic is science that isn't explained well.

9. Nope hasn't occured to her yet, she can somehow explain it with science.

10. Yeah, there was a whole science vs magic thing, the less that's talked about the better.

Here's the positives:

- At least the characters were self aware, I was gonna complain how disrespectful PB was about magic at the beginning, but Starchy and Nurse Poundcake already did that for me. And Finn apparently noticed PB could have been naked under that suit (luckily she had a some kind of undergarment). Oh and even they knew how ridiculous the whole plot was, seriously, all that for a "cold spell".  

- PB was indeed a badass in this episode, an ignorant badass, but still a badass.

- The animation I must say was beautiful, esp. Wizard City.

Now here's the negatives:

- It wasn't that funny, I had a giggle or two, but no LOL moments. It's excuseable if it was a serious episode, but it wasn't that serious. 

- Apparently PB knows about magic, but begins to question everything magical in Wizard City to the point it got them captured. Yes I know she thinks everything is scientific, but I agree with Jake, couldn't she just go with it. None of that mess would have happened.

- With her bias against wizards, I not sure how she was on good terms with wizards before. Guess she hides a lot in her nice demonear.  

- Another way that mess could have been avoided, if she had just lied to Starchy.

- Also the ending was predictable, for me it was a toss up between Strachy would been already been cured when they get back, or PB just injects him with the needle anyways, turns out it was Option 2.

It's not a horrible episode, but it's at best passable.

Oh and while I'm here, let's talk about the production notes.

Well I was wrong

Adventure Time will not be going on hiatus

But I was also right

They didn't start working on Season 7, turns out Season 5 is gonna be double in episode length. But I guess you can technically call it a 7th Season since Season 5 is basically the length of 2 seasons. And that 1-hour special will be part of Season 5, more specifically 5.2 I guess.  

6/29 Update

Would you looky here Comic Continuum released a sneak peek for "Wizards Only, Fools":

Spoiler Alert....... sort of

And it cleared up something the preview sugarcoated.

PB doesn't not believe in magic, she just hates it, yes I know there are a whole bunch of commenters that knew this already but I was doing a preview review, so cut me some slack. So I guess all is good and we can all move on with our lives now...................

But, if there's one thing I should point out, I think this whole going to Wizard City for the cure thing could have been avoided if PB had just lied to Starchy, but I won't make a big deal out of that mostly because to avoid another comment war, also well there needs to be an episode.

And so stay tuned for my review of the episode.     

Greetings fellow readers,

As you made know, "Wizards Only, Fools" will be the final 11-minute episode of the season, which will be followed by the 1-hour Special, which will serve as the Season 5's Season Finale. Of course this makes me fear that Adventure Time will be going on hiatus until next season since Cartoon Network never announced the special for this year, nor have they announced when Season 6 will primiere. Of course, they could go the Spongebob route and primere the new season before the previous season even got a proper season finale. But for all I know, they could have just recently started production of Season 6 as they wait for the special to premiere, meaning much of the production spent from September 2012 to early April 2013 was spend on the one hour special. Or they could been warping up that one hour special season finale while working on some of Season 6, and recently resumed production of Season 6, it doesn't seem possible they already started Season 7 without CN's say so.

Now that I got that production oddity situation out of the way, I wanted to talk about the preview for "Wizards Only, Fools", which to me raised a lot of questions, and not in a good way. Here are all the things that bother me about that preview:

- Since when has it ever been indicated Starchy only believes in magic prior to this episode?

- Why would go to hospital of all places, an type of institution that solely relays on science, not magic?

- Why would wizards only sell magical items in places meant for wizards only?

- Has it not occured to them they can make tons of money off of these magical items? For that matter, why couldn't they set up multiple outposts instead of one hub?

- Do Finn, Jake, and PB really think those paper thin disguises will work?

- Does PB really think no wizard will recoginze her face considering her kiss was once a prize for Wizard Battle?

- Speaking of which, has it not occured to them the Ice King could come at anytime and expose them? He may be stupid, but he's not retarded.

- But the most damning questions of all involve PB herself. Has her obsession with science really been flanderized to the point where she doesn't even believe in magic?!?

- Has it not occured to them that she has seen moments of magic that can't be explained scienctifically? Like Ice King's freaking ice powers! Or the freaking Enchiridion opening a portal! For god's sake, her best friend is a talking rainicorn, and they're magical creatures! Hell, her crown is pretty much magical! 

- From what it looks like to me, one of the themes for this episode is science vs "religion" (with magic taking religion's place), which makes no goddamn sense when it has been established in the show THERE IS RELIGION!!!

Basically my intial reactions to this preview can be sumed up like this:

Now this is just for the preview, maybe some things will be explained in the actual episode, but just from judging the preview, it doesn't look promising. While CN has sugar-coated episode previews before (see Burning Low), it looks like they didn't even try to sugarcoat this one. Tune in for my review after the episode premieres, like most Adventure Time episodes, I don't know what to expect, but with how this episode sounds like, the unexpected is not looking good.