Since this is one of my first fan-fiction, i hope you enjoy =) 


This are fictional events and not to be taken personally, okay? Any questions will be left in my talk page.


This is the alternate world of Ooo,where we wil meet how the lives of our main characters live their lives in a world that was wished by Finn,


1=April 9 Character-Finn,FP,???




Chapter 1

Finn has defeated the Jake Lich with the powers of the crown.Now unlike Simon who grew a beard, Finn had just overgrown his hair out of his hair. Still a blode,he does not go blue, and the only similar symptom he had with Simon was insanity.

Finn was wracked by his emotions of defeating his best freind and nearly killing him,if he had not escaped(Jake i mean).The crown tells him secrets, of frsot,snow,and ice. He gains the same pwers as Ice King. and continues to wander aimlessely for weeks until he finds one lonely girl.He approached her and said:

FInn: "H-hello, are you alone little miss?" 

???: "N-no,im with my father."

Finn: "You seem warm, would you like to be a little cold?" said Finn, readying his powers

???: "N-no please, im plenty cold." she said with a gulp

A distant voice shouted in the distance


Flare: "Coming dad! I must go sir, goodbye"

Finn: " No,wait!" Finn desprately reached her hand,but she had already left.

(SIDE NOTE: Now,to clear up,in the Alternate Ooo, FP, is named Flare, and is a redhead. Picture that,okay?)

Now,some of you may noticed i forgot to say one of Ice King's symptoms is capturing Princesses,well, it isn't,but for some reason, Finn had this lust/liking for the girl.Finn searches and searches for this girl,but to no avail.He rest in a nearby run down convenience store and tries to find food.While searching,he sees a familiar face to us all.

Bonnibel:Wh-who are you?


Okay, that's it for Chapter 1! tell what you think in the comments!