Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the latest entry in the cyberpunk stealth-action game franchise, launches on August 23, and Fandom has partnered with publisher Square Enix to launch a Wikia-wide community activity themed around mechanical augmentation.

Augmented people -- or "Augs," in the game's parlance -- play a crucial role in the Deus Ex fiction. Protagonist Adam Jensen is himself an Aug, outfitted with state-of-the-art body enhancements that allow him to punch through walls, render himself invisible, and perform other useful tricks.

Finn the human by car0003-d5tbwny-1-

So we're asking eight of the top communities on Wikia: How would you mechanically augment someone from your favorite pop culture franchise? Would you give Chun Li from Street Fighter blades on her feet for a more deadly Spinning Bird Kick? Or maybe enhance Han Solo's hand-eye coordination so he could make the Kessel run in less than 11 parsecs?

Here on the Adventure Time Wiki, we're focused on augmenting Finn the Human -- but feel free to substitute in a different character -- all character/augmentation combos will be considered. Submit your ideas in the comments below!

Submissions close at 11:59pm PT on August 4. At that point, we'll choose our favorite augmentations for each character, create custom illustrations of those characters as "Augs," and pit them against each other in a site-wide bracket tournament!

P.S. You can also submit your own Aug suggestions right now for the following characters of your other favorite franchises:


DeusEx Augs Finn

Thanks to everybody who contributed and helped us build "Finn-ish." You can vote for Finn against the other augmented heroes in our 'Aug Pride' Bracket Tournament!